Stabash Clan: Dusk Patrol

The Warlord Stabash LitterKin, overlord of the most vicious Moulder LabNest west of the blasted plains. The nest sets below a human fort that for 1300 days was defended time and again from Ogors, Orruks, and Chaos attacks. LitterKin's clan attacked with grotesque beastial monstrosities from the plains above ground, and tunneling from below. The human's fell to the last on the 1313th day.

In the din of the fading light, LitterKin leads his clan rats on patrol of the ruined upper fortress, the remains of one of the greatest human forts in the blasted plains.  
The Stabash Moulder banner basks in oranges and blues of the dusk light.
While the heart of the clan is moulder, they must supplement their defenses with things other than their monstrosities for successful experiments ebb and flow and lifespans of these beasts is unknown. Having something, more reliable and consistent, provided by clan Skryre engineers is a necessary precaution.

Engineer, WhirrFang scans the fortress analyzing the strength of its parapets and fire lanes. Having spent a lot of his life with the Stabash Moulder clan, he's been able to incorporate some of their 'technology' into his machinery.
The most numerous rat-flesh concoctions are the Stabash rat ogors. Their eerie existence exacerbated by the warpfire guns on their arms and warpstone glow of their soul-less eyes from the warp poison in their blood stream. It takes the strongest of pack masters to weild the power of a Rat-Ogor pack.

This Rat-Ogor patrol races out beyond the fort walls to bust down spy holes that the enemy has set up to gain knowledge of their nest. It takes a strong Packmaster to maintain control of these near mindless beasts, an even stronger one out here in the blasted plains where 
As the night comes more of the nest will pour into the plains, stretching their legs, hunting, and giving the brood-mother some time to herself in the depths of the Stabash LabNest.


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