The Mysteries of the Realm of Ghur

As the story as the Age of Sigmar tells, Sigmar was shown the Mortal Realms by the Great Drake and he started building his legacy and so the Age of Myth began, apart from in Ghur.

The Realm of the Beasts is different, time does not work in the same way here. All ages blend and weave to create a Realm not guided by time, but by something else. There is only one Realmgate in the whole of Ghur that is able to get people out of the Realm. There rest are one way only. You can enter but you can not leave. Races who set up home here do so independently of any other, this is why the Seraphon have been able to evolve here to become some quite different to their celestial cousins, this is why Stormcast can enter the Realm from a different age. Sigmar has not set foot in Ghur yet by the Realms timeline, but he has already created the Stormcast in the Age of Sigmar which is the current timeline of other worlds.

Stormcast that enter Ghur do so knowing they will not be returning to the heavens until the One true Realmgate of this world is found. Only Chaos still has the ability of coming and going.

The timeline will catch up one day, Sigmar will visit with the Great Drake and enter the Realm into the Age of Myth, but until that day, The Age of Beasts still continues.


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