Saturday, 30 April 2016

Return to Blighted Pass

Return to Blighted Pass

The news of the Fyreslayers previous claiming of Blighted Pass had spread far and wide. Enemies afar vowed to attempt to claim the ruined city for their own, for the notion of Duardin being in control was too much to bear. The first to descend upon Blighted Pass was a small army of Undead, the Fyreslayers immediately sprung to battle feeling confident they could protect their city.

Ignis-Grimnir marched first, he was feeling hungry for battle and a sheer hatred for anything unliving fueled his desire. The Knights were stunned with fear as the mighty Magmadroth towered above them, alas they did not stand up well in the face of the valiant Ignis-Grimnir.

Skeletons slowly moved towards the Fyreslayers, as the Grimwrath Bezerker and Auric Runeson put themselves forward first. Shots of molten rockbolts flew and throwing axes flew through the air crashing into the skeletons, disintegrating into dust their numbers quickly dissipated.

The skeletons had quickly decreased in number, and this was before the Auric Runeson and Grimwrath Bezerker charged into the fray. 

Meanwhile, Ignis-Grimnir spotted Arkhan the Black charging forth to bring down their leader.

The Auric Runeson and Grimwrath Bezerker celebrated together following a swift and easy disposal of the Skeletons.

A rumbling from underground led to the sudden appearance of the Auric Runesmiter and his rabble of Vulkite Bezerkers. As Arkhan the Black summoned more skeletons, the Fyreslayers targeted their next prey.

Arkhan summoned more Knights back into battle, as he managed to fly away from Ignis-Grimnir. The Hearthguard Bezerkers marched forth to help Ignis-Grimnir deal with the enemy.

As Arkhan the Black landed in what he thought was a safe spot, he was attacked by the Hearthguard Bezerkers and Auric Runeson, whom were all after the glory of bringing down the dark lord.

The Vulkite Bezerkers charged the Skeletons, chopping and cutting through bones turning them into dust.

With a loud clap, Arkhan the Black disappeared into dust. The Hearthguard Bezerkers celebrated with pride for the Undead army began to fall.

And so Blighted Pass was once again safe, the Fyreslayers had successfully defended it once more. The Undead army, realising their leader was gone, retreated for the might of the Fyreslayers of Lofnir Lodge was too powerful.

The Blades of Lofnir Lodge

Hurtling through the sky were dozens of shining, sharp shields. Crashing into the ground or occasionally into the flesh of enemies, following them were the bellow of screaming Bezerkers hurtling towards their foe. The bladed sling shields of these Bezerkers were an excellent way of stunning the enemy, dealing some damage before they charged forth holding their war picks high in the air ready to attack. The sight of shields cutting through the air was a terrifying sight for any enemy, for the cunning Vulkite Bezerkers were ruthless in battle.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Keep on Rotting in the Free World - April Challenge Complete!

Hey guys, managed to get through this by the skin of my teeth...

First up we have the Beastlord Gygax -

Really happy with this guy, aside from the terrible attempted fire on his base! Any tips on improving that? This is the first time I'd used the combo of Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust, I may have gone a little overboard on it... Also happy with the green gauntlet, heavily washed so as to hint at magical properties.

Next up we have Gygax's retinue of Best/Pestigor -

Not exactly happy with the green stuffed masks or paint job on these, they coincided with the birth of my baby so wasn't exactly in the right frame of mind. I intend to redo the masks as well as green stuff a little detail onto the banner, similar to how I've done in the next unit...

Finally we have a unit of Chaos Warriors. These guys are obviously converted from the Khorne Bloodreavers. Great models, I particularly like the helmets and weapons on them, and how they visually tie in with my Chaos Lord (pictured below for reference).

I removed any Khorne symbols, replacing some with my Nurgle symbol. Then when painting, I added more Nurgle elements, including green clothes, Rust, Nurgle's Rot and some blood for good measure. I've got another ten of these guys that I'll hopefully convert a little more thoroughly, maybe even using them as chosen?

Here's the price breakdown for the monthly challenge -

Beastlord - £9.50
Bestigor - £25.50
10 Blood Reavers - £17.50 (Half of the 20)

Total -52.50

My next post will be a narrative post on Cholothrax's very own Path to Glory...

The patron of Clan Mkrytus. Screeech VerminKing and his protege Thanquol

The realm of chaos, is not united. The four great chaos god's, have each carved the own realms, their borders shift with the waxing and waning of each god's triumphs and failures.

The realm of Ruin undermines and spans all of the chaos Realm as the great horned Rat, seeks to undermine the rule of the chaos god's and usurp their positions.

In the Realm of Ruin, the Verminlords, demons of the Great horned Rat. Direct the skaven race. Managing, leading and Guiding the children of the horned rat as they seek to further the goal of their deity.

The Vermin King Screech watches his favourite protege, use the Scrying Orb. Thanquol tittered gleefully, in the green glow.

In the realm of the Great horned rat, the chief of the shadow council and his protege plot and scheme.

As the Warren that was, died. The Verminking and Thanquol, were not idle, together they cast many rituals to save the useful part of the Skaven race.

Many clans where thrown into the 9 realms at the destruction of the Warren that was. Seeds thrown into the wind so that Skaven. Could spread and multiple across all realms.

During the age of myth they hid tunneled and multiplied, and waited for the time of their accession, the age of chaos came and they emerged staking their claims. And plotting for domination.

In the Realm of Ruin the Vermin King and Thanquol watched through the scrying orb.

They watched Ghur, the realm of beast was different. The Gnaw holes could not find Ghur, some force protected it, but his favourite experiment was there and they thrived, well if he couldn't gnaw in, they would gnaw out.

He nudged, urged and cajoled. Remembering the glory of a united skaven from the dying days of Warren that was. Vermin king encouraged this clan to weed out it's infractious elements, a fostered a clan that would work as one. And as before when Skaven stop in-fighting they made progress to there masters aims.

The Vermin King watched, and waited for the ritual. He watched his favourite experiment, Clan Mkrytus.

The ritual would open the gnaw hole between the Realms, between Ghur and Ruin

Vermin King and his favourite protege, Thanquol, who Clan Mkrytus call Messiah. Could step through and all of Ghur, in it's time locked state could be their Warren.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The City of Silence - April Update

Many were the wars that were wages in that long month. Battle upon battle was fought, desperate and deadly. The dead rose to claim their right, and their name was legion. Gaze now, traveler, upon the hordes unleashed.

(I apologize for the varying picture quality. Not so easy taking good pictures in the winter sun.)

Skeleton Archers

Of all the defenders of Stilluna, the soldiers on the walls were the last. Breached in a dozen places, the vile hordes had surrounded them entirely, besieging them within their own gatehouses. Thus it was that when the king fell, and the kingdom with it, they still stood. For a day and a night they held the foe at bay. They could only watch as the scions of the dark gods slaughtered the city. When the gatehouses were breached, the foul foe found only corpses. The men of the walls had taken their own lives, knowing that the dead would never rest easy, and could take revenge eternal.

Tomb Banshee

When you stand still, do you not hear the whispers on the wind? Faint, almost silent. These are the endless cries of the Mourning Ones. Restless spirits bound not by anger, greed or dark deeds, but by love. In life they had loved more fiercely than any others. They had been passionate and strong. So utterly had their love been, that death could not part them. Yet death must come to all. So the Mourning Ones cry, and those close enough to hear find only terror in their hearts, and the knowledge that love is the cruellest curse of all.


Amongst the high towers of the city were once great rookeries. In them were bred the greatest of all birds of prey, the mighty Svart-Fugl. These were prized scouts and hunters amongst the cities troops, and feared by their foes. For these birds had learned to spot foes and report back, showing commanders which direction their foes lay. As the city burned and the rookeries were torn down, many of the great birds perished. Yet centuries of loyalty is not so easily forgotten, and when the necromantic power surges through their bodies, the tireless spirits return to once more serve their master.

 Screaming Skull Catapult

The city’s garrison had long since abandoned traditional siege weapons. The hordes of the dark gods built no castles, and garrisoned no cities. Yet the engineers of the city did not surrender their knowledge. The generals had learned that breaking the foe was better than slaying them. Killing the followers of the dark gods was costly work, and victory never a sure thing. But a broken foe could be run down, and did not struggle. So the engineers and the magicians of the city worked together, and built the catapults. Throwing skulls filled with powerful magics, they hit hard and struck true. Yet it was the terrible screaming of the skulls as they flew through the air that was most valued. Even hardened veterans would be unnerved to have the skulls of their once-allies thrown back, laughing and screaming. As the legions marched forth once again, they brought the catapults with them, now filled with skulls beyond counting.


“Where there’s a whip, there’s a way. That’s what I always said”. Kald Isbre spoke silently. For hundreds of years, he had stared at the ruined remnants of his monuments. Great statues of war had gone unused, unsullied, and he had failed to activate them. “You did say that”, Mournical remembered. “But now the troops are bone, and the statuary will not care any more for the whip than they did then”. Kald looked at the vampire. It had been long, and yet he was as tall and handsome as ever. His own flesh had long since rotted, and only a few strands of hair remained upon his fleshless skull. “Aye, but I’ll whip them all the same. Don’t you see if they won’t fight a little harder”, he said, green flames burning in the sockets of his eyes.

 Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon

Pale light shone through decaying wings as the dragon passed before the moon. Once magnificent, the drake now answered only to the call of the grave, held back by the will of its rider. High Lord Karashock stared across the horizon, towards the broken city of Stilluna. His ragged band was marching far below, remnants like strips of flesh on a rotting corpse. The servants of the dark gods would be far behind, gorging themselves on his lands. On his people. And then they would follow. He would need army, soldiers and spirits and swords. Only then could he run far enough, to lands with great walls and defenders still. There he could be a lord again. And fight once more for the living.

I recon this is a bit over £50 in value. Had a lot to do for SCGT, and it all finished about the same time :p