March Final Standings.

Here are the final standings for March. 

The standings are calculated with the following criteria in descending order:
1. Whether the Bonus Objective was achieved (35-50 points)
2. How many units were completed with accompanying fluff. (25 points per unit increase)
3. How many Battle Reports were written up with fluff. (10 points per report increase)
4. Introduction post. (10 points increase)
4. Any stories written up expanding on the armies background. (5-10 points per story increase)

Final Standings

1st:  Gorblog and the Alliance (AmySnuggs) - 190 points
2nd: Host of Chrak'gar (HobbyHammer) - 135 points
3rd: Pares, city of the Damned (SoulblightKing) - 115 points

4th: Clan Mkrytus (Kye Baker) - 105 points
5th: Wardens of the Realm (Jim) - 75 points
6th: The Festerscar Clan (Patrick O'Leary) - 70 points
7th: The Eagles of Sigmar (Carnelian) - 60 points
7th: City of Silence (Darth Alec) - 120 points
9th: Cholothrax' Nurgle Host (Beasts of Nurgle) - 50 points
10th: Alliance of Pleasure and Midnight (Marjedi) - 30 points
11th: Gathering of Deep Fen (Adam Trunzo) - 10 points
12th: The Oak of Ages (Lord Silvan) - 5 points

13th: Mojgorox 'The Risen' (Scott Houghton) - 0 points
13th: The Barren Keep (BTJ) - 0 points
13th: The Snotskrit Family (Tales of Sigmar) - 0 points
13th: The Ashkin Brotherhood (Sudden Carroll) - 0 points
13th: Stabash Stronghold (StoneMonkGamer) - 0 points
13th: Herd of Change (Jabber Tzeentch) - 0 points
13th:  Hallowed Knights (Tim Crosen) - 0 points

Well done to Amy again for smashing March. If your not in the top three, it is easy to catch up!

Running Total - Leaderboard!

1st: Gorblog and the Alliance (AmySnuggs) - 345 points
2nd: Host of Chrak'gar (HobbyHammer) - 275 points
3rd: Stabash Stronghold (StoneMonkGamer) - 210 points

4th: Clan Mkrytus (Kye Baker) - 185 points
5th: The Festerscar Clan (Patrick O'Leary) - 160 points
6th: Gathering of Deep Fen (Adam Trunzo) - 155 points
7th: The Oak of Ages (Lord Silvan) - 135 points
8th: City of Silence (Darth Alec) - 130 points
9th: Mojgorox 'The Risen' (Scott Houghton) - 120 points
10th: Pares, city of the Damned (SoulblightKing) - 115 points
11th: Cholothrax' Nurgle Host (Beasts of Nurgle) - 100 points
12th: Wardens of the Realm (Jim) - 85 points
13th: The Eagles of Sigmar (Carnelian) - 80 points
14th: Alliance of Pleasure and Midnight (Marjedi) - 75 points
15th: The Ashkin Brotherhood (Sudden Carroll) - 35 points
16th: The Barren Keep (BTJ) - 10 points
16th: The Snotskrit Family (Tales of Sigmar) - 10 points

18th: Herd of Change (Jabber Tzeentch) - 0 points
18th:  Hallowed Knights (Tim Crosen) - 0 points


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