Return to Blighted Pass

Return to Blighted Pass

The news of the Fyreslayers previous claiming of Blighted Pass had spread far and wide. Enemies afar vowed to attempt to claim the ruined city for their own, for the notion of Duardin being in control was too much to bear. The first to descend upon Blighted Pass was a small army of Undead, the Fyreslayers immediately sprung to battle feeling confident they could protect their city.

Ignis-Grimnir marched first, he was feeling hungry for battle and a sheer hatred for anything unliving fueled his desire. The Knights were stunned with fear as the mighty Magmadroth towered above them, alas they did not stand up well in the face of the valiant Ignis-Grimnir.

Skeletons slowly moved towards the Fyreslayers, as the Grimwrath Bezerker and Auric Runeson put themselves forward first. Shots of molten rockbolts flew and throwing axes flew through the air crashing into the skeletons, disintegrating into dust their numbers quickly dissipated.

The skeletons had quickly decreased in number, and this was before the Auric Runeson and Grimwrath Bezerker charged into the fray. 

Meanwhile, Ignis-Grimnir spotted Arkhan the Black charging forth to bring down their leader.

The Auric Runeson and Grimwrath Bezerker celebrated together following a swift and easy disposal of the Skeletons.

A rumbling from underground led to the sudden appearance of the Auric Runesmiter and his rabble of Vulkite Bezerkers. As Arkhan the Black summoned more skeletons, the Fyreslayers targeted their next prey.

Arkhan summoned more Knights back into battle, as he managed to fly away from Ignis-Grimnir. The Hearthguard Bezerkers marched forth to help Ignis-Grimnir deal with the enemy.

As Arkhan the Black landed in what he thought was a safe spot, he was attacked by the Hearthguard Bezerkers and Auric Runeson, whom were all after the glory of bringing down the dark lord.

The Vulkite Bezerkers charged the Skeletons, chopping and cutting through bones turning them into dust.

With a loud clap, Arkhan the Black disappeared into dust. The Hearthguard Bezerkers celebrated with pride for the Undead army began to fall.

And so Blighted Pass was once again safe, the Fyreslayers had successfully defended it once more. The Undead army, realising their leader was gone, retreated for the might of the Fyreslayers of Lofnir Lodge was too powerful.


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