The patron of Clan Mkrytus. Screeech VerminKing and his protege Thanquol

The realm of chaos, is not united. The four great chaos god's, have each carved the own realms, their borders shift with the waxing and waning of each god's triumphs and failures.

The realm of Ruin undermines and spans all of the chaos Realm as the great horned Rat, seeks to undermine the rule of the chaos god's and usurp their positions.

In the Realm of Ruin, the Verminlords, demons of the Great horned Rat. Direct the skaven race. Managing, leading and Guiding the children of the horned rat as they seek to further the goal of their deity.

The Vermin King Screech watches his favourite protege, use the Scrying Orb. Thanquol tittered gleefully, in the green glow.

In the realm of the Great horned rat, the chief of the shadow council and his protege plot and scheme.

As the Warren that was, died. The Verminking and Thanquol, were not idle, together they cast many rituals to save the useful part of the Skaven race.

Many clans where thrown into the 9 realms at the destruction of the Warren that was. Seeds thrown into the wind so that Skaven. Could spread and multiple across all realms.

During the age of myth they hid tunneled and multiplied, and waited for the time of their accession, the age of chaos came and they emerged staking their claims. And plotting for domination.

In the Realm of Ruin the Vermin King and Thanquol watched through the scrying orb.

They watched Ghur, the realm of beast was different. The Gnaw holes could not find Ghur, some force protected it, but his favourite experiment was there and they thrived, well if he couldn't gnaw in, they would gnaw out.

He nudged, urged and cajoled. Remembering the glory of a united skaven from the dying days of Warren that was. Vermin king encouraged this clan to weed out it's infractious elements, a fostered a clan that would work as one. And as before when Skaven stop in-fighting they made progress to there masters aims.

The Vermin King watched, and waited for the ritual. He watched his favourite experiment, Clan Mkrytus.

The ritual would open the gnaw hole between the Realms, between Ghur and Ruin

Vermin King and his favourite protege, Thanquol, who Clan Mkrytus call Messiah. Could step through and all of Ghur, in it's time locked state could be their Warren.


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