Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Keep on Rotting in the Free World - May Challenge Complete!

Hey guys, just a quick one today, managed to get my three warscrolls done for this months challenge, I intend to take some better quality photos for the related fluff post coming soon...

The Prophet of Nurgle, Rotbringer Sorceror

Damphead, Herald of Nurgle

Chaos Warriors of Nurgle

Loved painting the two characters, the skin on this first guy in particular, and the rust on the Herald (I've added a step to my usual process, drybrush Mythril Silver after the Ryza Rust goes on.) I accidentally left a couple of Khorne icons on the warriors, but I'm not about to be going back and shaving them off after painting them! 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Send in the Spiders! - Battle Report

The Spiderfang of Arachnia had ventured close to a stormhost of Stormcast Eternals in a nearby ruined city. The lure of war teased them forth...

Scuttling with speed across the battlefield, the Spider Riders charged into a unit of Liberators.

Meanwhile, when realising they were being targeted, the Retributors teleported behind the Spiders making a charge at one of the Arachnaroks leading the battle from the back.

More Retributors teleported in, being closely followed by Prosecutors. The Spider Riders kept their fight up, using the trees to their advantage.

Climbing over the trees, the eight glowing green eyes of another Arachnarok stared straight at the Liberators attacking the Spider Riders, it was feeding time.

Having easily dealt with the Liberators, the other Spiders turned towards the advancing Stormhost from the flank.

Fangs and legs punctured into the Sigmarite armour, whilst the Stormcast hit back with deadly hammers.

The Retributors proved too deadly for the Spider Riders...

Until they were supported by support from behind, the deadly Arachnarok stared down at his enemies, venom dripping from his fangs.

Meanwhile, from out of nowhere a Lord Relictor and Lord Celestant on Dracoth appeared. However, the Arachnarok made sure of a nice feast, devouring the Lord Celestant whole without taking a single damage from him.

The remaining Retributors saw off to the damaged Arachnarok, and charged forth challenging the Spiderfang leader.

With a clap in the skies and a bright light, more Stormcast reinforcements arrived, and the mighty Celestant Prime floated down to battle.

The battle was looking dire for the Spiders, who decided to retreat before any lasting damage was done. The tough Stormcast and Celestant Prime proved too strong, more spiders were needed.

"Send in the Spiders!" - Shouted Azmog Venomfang as he retreated back to Arachnia. The Spiders would soon have their revenge.

Knights of Sigmars Wrath

Mysterious warriors is silver plate have appeared in the real of beasts. Few in jumber, they seem content to fortify their positions in the ruins of a gigantic keep. Made up on numerous units, the army seems to be slowly growing in size, as the keeps ruins are refurbished.

The mainstay of the army are the Liberators. Armed with hammer and shield, these seem to form the solid anchor of the army, unyielding and difficult to shift.

Paladins are the elite foot troops of the army. Armed with a variety of weapons, though mostly huge hammers, these warriors no almost no peers. They wield their enormous weapons, like they are completely unburdened by their size.

Gorruk One Eye

The Warboss of the Crimson Klaw tribe, Gorruk is a massive brute. Larger even then most Ogors, he fears no one and nothing. Astride his Maw-Krusha, Gorruk leads the Crimson Klaws in any fight he can find and excuse for, and lots that he can't.

Gorruk has become a thorn in the side of The Cult of Pleasure and pain, his constant raids, skirmishes, attacks and sacks of nearby settlements, has made acquiring new test subjects and raw materials a real annoyance.

It is only a matter of time before he two factions come head to head in a massive fight...

Crimson Klaw Peak

Deep in the chain of mountains far to the north, rises the Crimson Klaw peak. Jagged and misshapen it dominates the surrounding mountains. Its jagged sides are home to numerous momster dens and nests, but the real danger lurks inside.

The Crimson Klaw tribe calls this peak home, and the massive Orruks are very territorial. Made up mostly of Ironjaws, his tribe, while smaller then other Orruk tribes, are seriously powerfull. The rich iron deposits under the peak, allow the green horde to outfit themselves in the heaviest of gear.

The mountain peak is home to many a Maw-Krusha, enabling the Crimson Klaw to use these massive and ornery beasts in far greater numbers then usual.

Blackhand Keep

Ancient and forgotten, Blackhand Keep rises from the parched earth, like a gargatuan black claw. Made from stone magically hewn from the deep earth, who built it has been long forgotten. 9 smaller towers, each massive on their own, surround a central spire, that must once have touched the very sky itself.

Many a kingdom and ruler, have tried over the years to rebuild the majestic keep, but to no avail. Workers sent rhere have all mysteriously vanished, or been found miles away, minds blank and ruined.

But now, someone moves in the shadows of the towers. Huge armored figures have been seen guarding portions of the grounds, and the sound of industry can be heard from far away.

Rumors even suggest that a massive dragon has been seen circling the area... 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Knight Questor

The Knight Questor is a mighty hero of the Fists of Sigmarite. For many years he had vanished on a secret quest he has not yet spoken of. The Knight Questor's return to the Fists of Sigmarite was much celebrated, for his inclusion in the force was something that sent shivers down the spines of all nearby enemies.

The news of the Knight Questor's return pleased Lofnir Lodge, for his return meant they were protected should the need arise.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Clash of Warbands

            The haunting echo of battles long passed resonated through the halls of Tashghoul, slamming into Petra's ears. The large man shifted his weight, "It is time" his once smooth voice now damaged by the flames that gained him Khorne's favor. He turned to the armor clad men in the inner chamber"A strange enemy trespasses, find them, destroy them" Silently the Ash knights marched out the chamber, down the large temple to the small village below, Petra walking beside them at every step, It wasnt far out side the village that Petra spotted the enemy, Many riders, a strange magical glow about them "We may need some assistance" Petra spoke as he closed his eyes and chanted, almost immediately several of Khorne's bloodletters rose from the ground, Petra raised his axe forward, poiting towards the Aelfs riding ever closer" NOW!"

Turn 1

(sorry for poor pictures, i also missed taking a few)

              Ash Knights and Petra climbed the watchtower to get a better view of the battlefield, as the bloodletters crawled out of the outcropping to join the battle, the Aelf Dark Shards, sprung the trap and revealed themselves near the cage


Turn 2

The bloodletters, rushed forward into the dark shards, they would pay for the trespasses of their people, The ash knights surged forward Petra, at their heels. The enemy cavalry ran forward, when the second Aelf cavalry revealed themselves to be spellcasters, throwing an arcane shield around them. 

Turn 3

The Aelf crossbowmen fell like children to the bloody swords of the daemons.  The Ash Knights slammed into the first group of Aelf cavalry, the treacherous spellcasters throw a magic bolt into the daemons , however, more arose than fell, as the Aelfs began to realize the wicked combat ahead.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Allies from Azyr

The Realm of Ghur has often received help from warriors of distant realms. Azyr, the Realm of Heavens, is the home to the mighty Stormcast Eternals. These noble fighters appear through lightening at any given moment to launch an attack in their attempt to save the many denizens of the Mortal Realms.

Ignis-Grimnir, Auric Runefather of Lofnir Lodge, had once put his own Lodge on the line to support a stormhost that went by the name of the Fists of Sigmarite. The Fists of Sigmarite Stormhost were brave, noble soldiers who were always in the midst of battle. Swinging swords that cut into the flesh of their enemies, blood spilt wherever the Fists walked. The Stormcast Eternals were exceptionally strong and often did the rescuing themselves. However, on one fateful day a brutal Chaos stronghold had infiltrated a small corner of Ghur. The Fists of Sigmarite beamed in to rescue a small settlement of Duardin. The Chaos force proved large and mighty, and no matter how hard the Stormcast Eternals fought they needed help.

Whispers of this struggle quickly made their way to Ignis-Grimnir, whose Lodge had settled nearby. Feeling a sense of responsibility for his fellow Duardin brothers, and the faithful Stormcast whose name had spread the lands as rescuers for the greater good, Ignis-Grimnir ordered his Lodge of Fyreslayers to attack.

Cannons flew into lines of Chaos Warriors from the Duardin, throwing axes and swords cut through the air as Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers united for glory.

Since that day, the Fists of Sigmarite have never been too far away to return to help their Fyreslayer allies in their hour of need.

Monday, 16 May 2016

The Ritual - Rise of Bastion Quol - Campaign game 6

As Grey Seer Xylo, took the Artefact from the Assassin, he smiled, "You have done what two claw packs failed to do, All of clan Mkrytus owes you thanks."
"Save your thanks, the horse lords where not dissuaded by the ambush. Fresh horses are riding hard to stop us."
"Then we should prepare a welcome for them, strike from the shadows, take out their spell weavers." Turning from the assassin Xylo climbs the sacrifice site, "Soon the Messiah shall be with us." Tied on top the Damsel, captured from the Bretonians, barely struggls in her bonds, tortured over many day, runes of power craved into her flesh, she will be the conduit for the ritual the power of Ghur will be drawn through her and used to open the way between the realms. With the Artefact in  Zukor's hand the final piece needed for the ritual was in place. 
"Soon the Messiah shall walk this Realm, and a new dawn of rise over Ghur, Bastion Quol will Rise and the Skaven Empire shall reign supreme over Ghur.

Final game in the 6 game campaign Sean and I have been playing, it's been a lot of fun to play these linked games. Making up and adjusting the story as we win and lose.
Bretonian - on the far hill, Bretonian lord on Pegasus, 5 Grail Knights, a mounted Damsel. In the tower is a Trebuchet. Centre field are 15 knights of the realm, a Paladin Standard bearer, a Damsel on foot in the ruins. A Pegasus Lord on the occulum. On the near flank, 10 men at arms, and 5 knights of the realm.
Skaven - Hidden in the far wood is a rattling gun. Guarding the ritual site is 30 stormvermin, along side them is a Screaming bell. In front are three Stormfiends armed with ranged weapons, supported by a warplock engineer and a Arch Warplock. In the near wood a pack of 6 Rat ogors are herded by pack-master and a Poison wind mortar bunkers behind them. Hidden off the field are 5 Gutter runners and tunnelling below are 3 Stormfiends armed with melee weapons and tunnelling equipment.

Captured damsel is tied up in the centre of the sacrificial sight, her power will be syphoned to empower the ritual.
Brettonian turn 1
Blessings of the lady are certain the realm knights, the general uses inspiring presence on them. Trebuchet releases it's payload but over shoots and only crushes 2 vermin.
Cavalry canters forward, Grail knights charge and root out the Rattling gun from the woods, Pegasus mounted lord, swoops into the Rat Ogors. The weapon team is run down but the Rat Ogors are tough and manage to wound him in return.
Skaven turn 1
The Ritual begins in earnest then the Bretonians appear. I use my triumph re-roll to maximise the beginning total. Grey seer inspires the Stormvermin. then casts mystic shield on the Rat Ogors, The bell rings and the unholy discordant sound damages the bells scaffold. Arch warlock and his apprentice blast out at the Grail knights and Pegasus Lord. Pack-masters herd their charges into the fray.
Stormfiends tunnel up and charge the first thing they see, which happens to be the General of the Bretonian army the Pegasus Lord.
Gutter runners slink onto the field and loose their sling shot at the Damsel. Scoring one wound on her.
Stormfiends charge the General Pegasus Lord and drag him from the sky before he can escape them.
Ranged Fiends, start jogging at the grail knights guns opening fire as they pick up speed, the warp lead, fire and gas, explode around the grail but they weather the storm only for the fiends to charge into the depleted knights. The herded fiends make short work of the grail knights, by one survives,.... barely.
The Rat Ogors, drag a pegasus from the air for a quick snack.
Bretonian turn 2
Knights of the realm ser a break in the Skaven defence that has opened up and shoot for the middle. Paladin flank charges the Rat Ogors as the smaller unit of Realm Knights charges from the front.
In the back field the third Bretonian Lord on Pegasus swoops down on the gutter runners killing a pair of them.
Pack master is caught with his pants down in the center and the realm knight thread the needle through the gap towards him. Miraculously the packmaster survives the charge!
The realm knights bounce off the mystic shielded Rogors, in return 4 are killed and the Paladin wounded.
Skaven turn 2
The ritual continues to go well.
Warplocks blast out with warp lighting. Grey seer inspires the vermin and casts mystic shield on himself. The bell rings out a wall of sound that inspires skaven units to hit more.
The pack-master who miraculously survived the cavalry charge retreats to behind the Fiends. Grey seer Calls for the vermin to charge the knights but too late realises the Stormvermin have been befuddled by the ritual site. Seeing the Grey seer charging out on his own, the Stormfiends charge into the same combat blasting away with shot, fire and gas, knight die in the hail of death, followed up by the massive bodies slamming into the flank of the Lance.
The other group of Fiends attack the Damsel, Gutter runners continue to fight the third Bretonian lord on pegasus. Another of their number in taken down.
Damsel lashes out at the attackers and wounds one of them. In return the Fiends make short work of the Damsel, but such a small snack hardly satisfies them.
Poison Wind arcs over and explodes in knightly ranks, Spikes and wheel, impale and roll over horses while fiends club riders from the saddle. the centre knightly charge has been crushed between the 2 attackers.
On the left the Rat Ogors tear apart the last realm knight, but the paladin hold fast and fights of the mutant rats
Skaven turn 3
Mortar team hidden in the back left woods, adjusts it's aim to hit the men at arms that have been slowly heading up the flank, On target, but the men have fought skaven before and they mostly manage to hold their breath until the gas dissipates.
Arch warlong and his appretice scurry back to ensure the ritual continues, so close to completeion now the stormvermin close ranks around the ritual site.
Rattling cannon shoots at the paladin that has held up the rat orgors so long.
With the flanking paladin, dead the remaining ogors tear apart the last realm knight and feast on the horse flesh.
Realm knights lash out in their death throes and slay the wounded fiend,
Tunneller fiends continue the romp along the flank assaulting the tower the trebuchet has bunkered in, Smashing into the walls the siege engine is toppled from the battlements.
The last of the Realm knights are destroyed and routed from the centre field.
Bretonia turn 3
Green Knight arrives he is declared as the second general, if he can reach the ritual site he can smash and end the ritual.
But in front of him awaits the stormvermin, last hope if he can fly into the centre if he can charge over the guard.
He can't manage to fly over, so he tries to hack his way through the gaurd.
He kills one, But the storm vermin use their campaign inspiration and are ensorcelled by the terrain, Eight of them pile into combat, Out numbering the foe, and suitably buffed they make short work of the Green Knight.
The Ritual completes! 
The fabric of the realm is torn open, a gnaw whole to the realm of ruin is created and through it steps the Verminking and Thanquol. 
A new age as begun in the realm of Ghur, Bastion Quol has risen, dawn of the skaven Empire has started.
All Hail the Vermin king, All hail the Messiah Thanquol.

Great game! I had been rolling well for the ritual total, it was on to 18 of 20, So i feel Sean was forced into sending in the green knight a little early when he could have used the few other bits he had left to draw out some of the vermin from around the ritual site, but as it was on the verge of completing it, which forced his hand into attempting to smash the ritual, but luck was not with him. And with the death of the Bretonnia's second General, the Skaven win the game.