May Bonus Objective!

Hope everyone had a good April, I know mine was mega busy and I didn't get as much hobby in as I liked, but i did get to play a few games which was nice.

Mays Objective!

As some have either finished their current army or have sidelined it. From this month, you can post up fluff and battle reports/ finished units from anything you do! Just link it someway to your initial army, whether that be a bit of background of how the are allies or enemies of your first army. 

The objective this month is yet again a painting one. 3 war scrolls worth of models. Be that, A Zombie Dragon, 3 Crypt Horrors and 10 Crypt Ghouls - Lord Kroak, Bastiladon and 3 Rippers (you gamey bastard!) - A Lord Relictor and 6 Paladins. As long as it is 3 war scrolls worth of models with a backstory for them, that will get you your objective and 100 'Brucy Bonus' points! 

Still also get 25 points for completed unit, 40 points for a battle report this month and 30 points for a short story.

Again loads of points and a chance to catch Amy.

Are you up for the challenge?

If you would like to see the territory your army has gained so far then head over to and keep track of them on the map.

Happy May! 


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