Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Ophidian Empire - 4

Here's the new stuff mentioned.

Black Knights. I really didn't like this kit much to put together and there is a lot of soft detail, disappointing from the Perrys.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Season of War Campaign: Week 3 - Might of Monsters

So onto Week 3 of the campaign and here we have an awesome battle plan which gives you extra rules for a big old monster fight. The objective is to destroy the opponents monsters.

A bit of narrative for how we have got to this point. Week one saw the armies meeting in the outskirts and plains surrounding the Greywater Fastness city as Chaos, Destruction and Death all set out to destroy the new city of Order. As the battles raged, champions of the Alliances began to emerge, and heroes rose up to lead their armies to victory, Week 2 saw these rising heroes clash in mighty battles inside the walls of the city. They all command mighty battle hosts now including some truly epic monsters. Each alliance realises that to overcome the enemy, the Behemoths must be destroyed and what better way to kill a monster than with another monster. The enemy rages across the streets of Greywater Fastness and the Order Alliance must not let them reach their strongholds in the city centre, They must not be allowed to reach the Realmgate!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Ophidian Empire - 3

More done, despite the weather keeping me outside. Progress on the rest too. Next update will be an alternative vamp (this one is metal and don't fancy taking it out for gaming), black knights and more skellies (spears this time). Started building my allied Mortarch but the kit is quite tricky.

This vamp is my general (though will rarely be taking to the table - she's metal as opposed to the other). The leader of the Ophidian Empire (hence the snake crown). 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Ophidian Empire - 2

More completed units for death - this time around with a ghoulish twist. These were extremely quick and easy to paint. White undercoat - Layer of pallid wych flesh - wash of mix between carroburg crimson (60%) and reikland fleshshade (40%). Varied mix by model.

 Clean up and highlight the details/raised areas on the skin with pallid wych flesh with a small dash of carroburg for slight roseyness, pick out eyes teeth and nails and done.

Season of War Campaign: Week 2 - A Champion Emerges

Get ready for week 2 of the Summer campaign with the second instalment of official battle plans from GW. This week we will see which champions will start to emerge and gain power.

As before you can either play this scenario as per the battle plan, or use pitched battle points, independent pools etc. But I would say make sure the Hero's in the centre at least are matched, so that is a fair fight. It could be fun to have some large central terrain feature set up for your Heros to do battle over too.

The Heros do battle first before the battle starts, if one hero slays another then their army is immediately buffed with re rolls of hits and auto battleshock passes. Pick your hero wisely. As the winner is determined as of the AoS rules, Sudden Death victory conditions are in play. 

So thats it! A simple dog fight followed by a battle all around. Being in Greywater Fastness, it may be an idea to set up the battle taking place in the city centre (again my opinion only and where we will be playing our fight over)

Friday, 15 July 2016

Season Of War: Lord Celestant astride his noble dracoth

The Lord Celestant astride his noble dracoth, both ready for the worst that forces of Chaos or Destruction can hurl at the army he leads.

This post has been updated on the campaign! 1 warscroll painted for Order Alliance! Thank you.

The Ophidian Empire - 1 - Undead in the Age of Sigmar

Like others out there, the passing of time and recent moves from Games Workshop have helped deaden the loss of the world that was. The General's Handbook and summer campaign in particular appealed and I was on participating in the latter somehow. This blog has allowed me to do that by building and painting (thanks Sean). I'll be using this as more of a gallery - posting when units are completed (I am keeping a log elsewhere). If you would like to know anything, ask anything or leave c&c it is always welcome.

I felt a break from the past was needed if I was going to appreciate the new Warhammer, thus I wouldn't be bringing my Elven armies back to war. Instead, I looked around the house and (as a collector of many years inevitably does) found enough miniatures to cobble together a small undead force.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A Ghast and His Gaggle of Ghouls

Mad King Gorepuppet's legion are legion, swarming the turrets of the Shire if Worcestershire's Keeper's Keep. Their Ghast, Lord Brainmunch, ensures their valiant garrison is continually fed.

Keep on Rotting in the Free Peoples!

Blub was even more tired than usual. His regiment had been on the move for as long as he could remember. Even through absolute fatigue however, he knew each and every man would follow the Order to Aqshy and back to achieve their goal, even though it seemed unfathomable to these common men.

Season of War: Bonus Battleplan, Triumph and Treachery

(The Wolves of Carcassonne)

As part of the Season of War campaign, Kye, Mark and myself decided to play a bit of Triumph and Treachery from the new Generals Handbook, the battle plan we played was Field of Blood, we wanted to make it as open play as possible whilst still maintaining the balance and fairness. So we picked our armies based on roughly 1000pts, give or take but did not use any extra restrictions apart from what was on the battle plan. 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Defenders of Ghyran - Summer Campaign Painting Week 1

So my Sylvaneth are my entry for this week's painting competition to tie in with the Summer Campaign. The trees have been on my painting desk for months now but I've finally got into the groove and painted up 32 Dryads, a Treelord and a Treelord Ancient.

Check out more including the podcast at -

Monday, 11 July 2016

Gorepuppet's Heroes on the Wing

Borne aloft by majestic, feathered mounts, Gorepuppet's Crypt Flayers are a terrifying sight to behold. Having supped on their master's blood, their madness has translated their bestial, mutated forms into mighty winged steeds. Fallen enemies, flesh freshly gnawed from their bones, are glued and lashed to makeshift saddles; these are the Winged Knights of Gorepuppet's host, and all (even the Flayers themselves) treat these inanimate blood-and-bone chevaliers with respect. The steeds, of course, are also honored, and given the choicest of cuts.

This post has been updated on the campaign! Thank you.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Rise of the Mad King, Gorepuppet

The prophecy felt a weight on the Sage's back. There was a time when he had thought it a blessing, a Great Gift that he would be the one to herald the return of Gorepuppet, the Great King, and bring the Shire of Worcestershire back from the Hold of Chaos and the Hand of Ruin.

But this was the seventieth tomb he had searched in as many full moons, and, still, Gorepuppet could not be found.

It was just by chance that, searching the tomb of a freshly slain foe, strands of pearls (entrails) and bags of gold (kidneys) trickling through his fingers, that he came upon the Mad King's essence.

It was glorious. He wrapped his fingers around it, feeling the power surge. And, very carefully, he stretched his hand up and pivoted his wrist and looked into the solemn (tasty) eyes and bronzed (freshly gnawed) skin of his lord.

"My King," rasped the Sage.

"Gurgle, shlurp, squelch," proclaimed King Gorepuppet.

This post has been updated on the campaign! Thank you.

Season of War Campaign: Week 1 - A Clash of Battlelines

Here it is, the first battle plan for the Season of War campaign. Ready your troops to either defend or attack The Living City. Starts on the 14th July 2016.

This battle plan is all about picking the right units for the job. Of course as this is narrative, the battle plan asks you to pick a force as per the AoS rules. But why not integrate the matched play points system? As this is an escalation campaign, below is the way I would adapt this campaign to be more competitive and probably a little more fun to play. Of course this is only my opinion and you should adapt it to how you want to play, unless your lazy... then just use mine.

The Armies:

Player choose their armies as described in the Generals Handbook, Pitched Battles, I recommend 1000pts (Varanguard). Each army must consist of at least 3 Battleline units and no more than 2 behemoths and 2 artillery. You should only choose units from the same Alliance.

An Introduction to the Armies of The Mad King, Gorepuppet

Hello! This post contains nothing noteworthy, but should just serve as an introduction to my army, giving a broad overview of its theme as it enters the fray! I'll get to painting, and next post will have color!

In the glorious lands of the Shire of Worcestershire, the brave knights and courtiers of the Flesh Eater Court are ruled by Mad King Gorepuppet, advised wisely by his Abhorrent Sage.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The 'Season of War' Summer Campaign

Welcome to the Season of War! A Warhammer Age of Sigmar campaign. I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to run a Season of War campaign and thought what better way to do this than as part of the Rise of Empires campaign currently in the Realm of Ghur. The Season of War campaign takes place in Ghyran in 3 different city locations, The Seeds of Hope. 3 cities raised by the forces of Order in the wake of The Realmgate Wars, but raised too early, too fast and too large. The first city ,and the one we shall be playing for in the Rise of Empires will be 'Greywater Fastness'. A city raised by the Ironweld Arsenal. Built in the Jade Kingdom of Thyria encompassing a Realmgate that connects Ghyran to Ghur, the city spread out both sides of gate in both Realms. Ghur had been in darkness for so long, lost to time and the Gods of Order, but finally the light of Ghyran had been let in and more importantly the way out of Ghur had been found!