Season of War Campaign: Week 2 - A Champion Emerges

Get ready for week 2 of the Summer campaign with the second instalment of official battle plans from GW. This week we will see which champions will start to emerge and gain power.

As before you can either play this scenario as per the battle plan, or use pitched battle points, independent pools etc. But I would say make sure the Hero's in the centre at least are matched, so that is a fair fight. It could be fun to have some large central terrain feature set up for your Heros to do battle over too.

The Heros do battle first before the battle starts, if one hero slays another then their army is immediately buffed with re rolls of hits and auto battleshock passes. Pick your hero wisely. As the winner is determined as of the AoS rules, Sudden Death victory conditions are in play. 

So thats it! A simple dog fight followed by a battle all around. Being in Greywater Fastness, it may be an idea to set up the battle taking place in the city centre (again my opinion only and where we will be playing our fight over)


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