An Introduction to the Armies of The Mad King, Gorepuppet

Hello! This post contains nothing noteworthy, but should just serve as an introduction to my army, giving a broad overview of its theme as it enters the fray! I'll get to painting, and next post will have color!

In the glorious lands of the Shire of Worcestershire, the brave knights and courtiers of the Flesh Eater Court are ruled by Mad King Gorepuppet, advised wisely by his Abhorrent Sage.

The madness that infests the Shire of Worcestershire is a clever one. While a feast of the master's blood may turn a hero into a beast, a corpse, a little sorcery, and liberal amounts of horse glue will convince the Mad King's knights that they are not winged abominations, but glorious riders with mighty flightful steeds.


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