Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Realm Hoppers: Bonus Battleplan

Hi, just a quick one. I have here a bonus battleplan that will link Septmeber's Campaign game to Octobers.

September was all about starting your quest in the Realm of Chamon, on the Verdigris Plains in the Hanging Valleys of Anvock. You had heard word of a large Crystal, but before you could wipe out the enemy and grab it, it shattered. You were still left with some fragments which you carry towards your next goal.

You are now travelling towards a pair of Realmgates that will lead you into Shyish and down into the Underworld, here is a great source of Dark Crystals protected by the legions of Undead. But no journey is safe, this following battleplan will help you tell your story of your journey, can you get there before the enemy does?

If you need to read the rules of the campaign, please click on following link which will detail how to start. Good Luck everyone!

The Order | Part 2

Managed to complete my warband shortly before the deadline!

Marshal Agravain

A veteran of Constantine's house, Marshal Agravain has served the Freeguild since before Constantine was born. Noone dare ask how one of such age keeps has hair from turning grey.

The Amber-Gilded Zweihanders

The Zweihanders are Constantine's very best troops, surviving many ordeals in the service of the Freeguild. 

They have half jokingly had the first part of their title added by the rest of the guild in reference to the state of their well-worn weaponry.

Knights of the Round

These three have loyally served Lord Constantine's family for as long as anyone could remember.

The peasantry of the Freeguild spoke of "Golem" in hushed whispers, however the truth may be far more disturbing...

Their livery and armament hints at their true nature for those who delve deep into mythical writings...

What is Karlfranz? The maker of the weapon? A bound spell?

I also updated my first post with better photos of the warband

In the next couple of weeks I'll be focusing on getting ready for my first AoS tournament (will hopefully be able to report some battles too!) I've got maybe a couple of warscrolls to paint by then, and 4 pieces of scenery! So keep your eyes peeled for them in a couple of weeks time!

Edit by HobbyHammer:

This now gives you 10 Renown points! Which will put you to Level 2! It also gives you a new Skill card. Below are your two choices.. please pick one.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Realm Hoppers - The Khorne Rebellion

Tales mention of a forgotten area of Aqshy, a corner of land that no-one, who doesn't wish themselves death, wonders. Delving further into this forsaken land, the heated bubbling rivers turn to boiling blood, bones litter the floor crunching under armoured foot, a mere warning to others their fate will be the same if they venture forth. Story says, whole armies have marched upon the Realm of Fire determined to conquer this renowned area and not a single one returns, their skulls taken for rewards. 

In recent times more renegades of Khorne both of Daemon descent and mortal Bloodbound have been witnessed transcending onto these lands to worship the creator of this blood bath. The in-wards rebellion of Khorne is growing at a steady pace and soon this Realm will crumble under crimson and bone.  

For the legends talk of one beast responsible for all this bloodshed, an exiled monster once the favour of Khorne. But now he lives an outcast, his anger and wrath the only shred of personality that this Bloodthirster possesses. Where he walks leading his rebellion, the blood rivers flow and the skull piles grow and now with an ever expanding number of worshippers, Skarbrand's power grows within the eight realms… may Sigmar have mercy on the unfortunate few who get in his way. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Règgio and The Wolves of Ghur

To start the campaign, I have chosen Order Free People and therefore chose my war band from these Path to Glory tables. Below is the beginning of my story in the campaign. The story of Règgio and The Wolves of Ghur.

It had been a year or so since the war to defend the city of Greywater Fastness , the war which had seen the death of the King of Bretonni and ruler of House Houghton. The kingdoms were in ruin, the Kings only son Paladin Hènry was also killed in the finally days pushing away an insurance of Khorne Daemons from the edges of the city of Carcassonne leaving no true heir to the throne other than the Black Knight who was still missing from a time long before these cities of Order had sprung up.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Order | Part 1

Here's my starting warband for the Realm Hoppers campaign! Looking to add a unit of Demigryphs and Greatswords before the end of September, plus have some Flagellants and a Warrior Priest or two waiting in the wings.