The Order | Part 2

Managed to complete my warband shortly before the deadline!

Marshal Agravain

A veteran of Constantine's house, Marshal Agravain has served the Freeguild since before Constantine was born. Noone dare ask how one of such age keeps has hair from turning grey.

The Amber-Gilded Zweihanders

The Zweihanders are Constantine's very best troops, surviving many ordeals in the service of the Freeguild. 

They have half jokingly had the first part of their title added by the rest of the guild in reference to the state of their well-worn weaponry.

Knights of the Round

These three have loyally served Lord Constantine's family for as long as anyone could remember.

The peasantry of the Freeguild spoke of "Golem" in hushed whispers, however the truth may be far more disturbing...

Their livery and armament hints at their true nature for those who delve deep into mythical writings...

What is Karlfranz? The maker of the weapon? A bound spell?

I also updated my first post with better photos of the warband

In the next couple of weeks I'll be focusing on getting ready for my first AoS tournament (will hopefully be able to report some battles too!) I've got maybe a couple of warscrolls to paint by then, and 4 pieces of scenery! So keep your eyes peeled for them in a couple of weeks time!

Edit by HobbyHammer:

This now gives you 10 Renown points! Which will put you to Level 2! It also gives you a new Skill card. Below are your two choices.. please pick one.


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