Realm Hoppers: Bonus Battleplan

Hi, just a quick one. I have here a bonus battleplan that will link Septmeber's Campaign game to Octobers.

September was all about starting your quest in the Realm of Chamon, on the Verdigris Plains in the Hanging Valleys of Anvock. You had heard word of a large Crystal, but before you could wipe out the enemy and grab it, it shattered. You were still left with some fragments which you carry towards your next goal.

You are now travelling towards a pair of Realmgates that will lead you into Shyish and down into the Underworld, here is a great source of Dark Crystals protected by the legions of Undead. But no journey is safe, this following battleplan will help you tell your story of your journey, can you get there before the enemy does?

If you need to read the rules of the campaign, please click on following link which will detail how to start. Good Luck everyone!


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