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The Alliance of Pleasure and Midnight

The Cult of Pain and Pleasure 

Malathella turned around as Zholtan entered her chambers, his huge armored bulk stalking through the double doors, held open by her personal guard.
"Tell me, my pet, is it done?" - she purred.
"It is done my mistress, the artifact is ours" - Zholtan said as he kneeled before her.
"Good, and the guards?" - She stroked her hand over his grace full horns. Her obsidian skin a stark contrast to the bone horns
"Most dead my mistress, except the ogors as you commanded, they have been sent to the Flesh Crafters"
"Gooood, my pet. Send the dead ones to Countess Celina, she will be pleased"
"Yes my mistress". His fist thumped against his breastplate and he strode out of her rooms.
He really had turned out remarkably, proving that even the vaunted Warriors of Sigmar could be twisted by her and her sisters arts, broken by enough painful pleasure. His fleshcrafted form was now a perfect remorseless killing machine. 

The Cult of Pain and Pleasure is a cult of exiled dark aelfs. Exiled from their kin for their perverse skills and devotion to Slaanesh. Highly adept at remolding individuals to their needs, through a lengthy ordeal of inflicting excruciating pain and pleasure. The cult has discovered ways to re craft the creatures of this wild lands, sculpt their bones and flesh in to never, better forms. Forms suited for the task of breaching the heavens and rescuing their goddess. Warriors dedicated to the gods of Chaos has begun flocking to the banner of Pleasure, lured by the prospects of conquest.
The goddess of Slaanesh will be set free. 

The Army of Midnight

Countess Celine lounged in her luxurious bed, stretching her impossibly alluring body. The vampiress looked over at her "lover" , his emancipated form locked in the last throes of pleasure. They always tasted better when their bodies where full of endorphins. The skills she had learned from her ally, and friend Malathella, had proved amazing at heightening the tastes and effects of the blood that sustained her. She has never been as powerful, or felt as alive, as she did now.
The night air drifting though the silk curtains, was filled with the sounds of industry. The fortress of Nephelim was taking shape, being carved into the mountain peak. The empire of the dead she would carve out of this land would rival even that of the great Necromancer himself.

The Army of Midnight, is the army of the Countess Celine Zardophian. A vampiress of exquisite beauty and ambition. Not content of being an underling of the great necromancer himself, she set out to carve an empire of the dead out of these lands.
The lands fought back though, harder then she could have thought. Bound to fail and perish, Celines luck changed when she happened upon the convoy of Dark Aelfs and chaos warriors, led by Malathella. Both had a bleak future in sight, but together they have become a powerful force. The undead legion has swelled. Skeleton warriors, black knights, wights even spirits do her bidding now. With Malathellas aid, Celine has even begun constructing her own version on the great necromancers Morghasts and other constructs.


The Auric Hearthguard of Lofnir Lodge

The Auric Hearthguard of Lofnir Lodge

The Auric Hearthguard of Lofnir Lodge march to war. Armed with magmapikes firing molten rockbolts at whomever lay in their path. Guarding the forge-temples, they protect the magma-vaults with their lives. Protecting the precious Ur-Gold is an honour for any Fyreslayer. Only the most skilled veterans are chosen to protect their Lodge's precious riches. Ever faithful to their Auric Runemaster, the Hearthguard march into war in the wilderness of Kinbizir. The harsh and bitter cold of the frozen tundra of Mount Fang does not halt the Hearthguard, they will fight until their death for the protection of their precious Ur-Gold.

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Gorbolg Frostmaw & The Deadly Alliance

 Gorbolg Frostmaw & The Deadly Alliance

“Ur-Gold, the currency of war, a price we pay to survive in this new world.

From the day we arrived, the plague of Chaos surrounded us, tested us and aroused us. The meat of Nurgle is not the first choice, infested and vile, the rotten flesh of corrupted men does not fill well, but for now, it will do. We are hungry for more, we have paid for the service of the small folk to find us new flesh to feed our aching guts, if they fail at least they will provide a small snack of muscle to subside.”

 Gorbolg Frostmaw leads the Ogor tribes of Kinbizir, a once Duardin settlement at the foot of  the frozen Mount Fang in the West of Ghur. The Duardin now long gone, the Ogors built their own settlement. A crude rabble of buildings and fulcrums worshiping Maw, the god of hunger. In the world that was, Ogors were cursed with a never ending hunger, a hunger which aided as much as hindered their dominance of that world. They began their time in the new Realms without this everlasting hunger, but gods can be cruel.

They wandered Ghur in the early days, rending and destroying early settlements, feasting on bone and gaining strides. They came across a vast mountain with ancient entrances in which to enter the heart. A glow illuminated from the centre enticing the Ogors in. Inside the walls were lined with gold, tunnels wound down and round to a vast chamber, once full of magma, now frozen over revealing crystals and Ur-Gold which clad the ceilings and floors. Someone had already been here though, crude mining tools lay about. Gorbolg had heard about the desirability of this element and so from that day, the Mountain was claimed as theirs.

But a price comes from so much bounty, greed and hate stem from a vast wealth, from hate and greed, leads greater hunger for wanting more. In the very centre of the dormant volcano, a pit grew, groans were heard coming from the bottom of the hole. Gorbolg spoke to the voices, the voices of which had haunted Ogors in times passed, The Great Maw had returned. That day a deal was struck between Gorbolg and Maw, Gorbolg already cursed with greed, wanted more. In return, instead of more Ur-Gold, all they were blessed with was the return of the never-ending hunger. For hundreds of years proceeding, the Realm shock as Ogors rampaged searching for meat and bone, never being able to feel satisfied.

Gorbolg sat on his throne, anger filled his thoughts. Suddenly, the throne room doors burst open and a group of small, muscular folk appeared, demanding the return of the mountain they believed was rightfully theirs. Gorbolg saw this as an opportunity. The Fyreslayers wanted Ur-Gold, the Ogors now only desired meat; a fresh deal and unstable alliance was forced upon these two races. The power of the Ogors and cunning nature of the Fyreslayers would prove to be a deadly mix.

Despite residing in the frozen tundra of Mount Fang, Gorbolg Frostmaw harnesses the ability gifted to him by the Great Maw to breathe fire - a power feared by many.

The Fyreslayers of Lofnir Lodge

“Ur-Gold, the currency of war. What was ours shall be again.

Those scum shall only see pain. The fyre in our souls grinds adrenaline, we fight not for freedom, we have this already; we fight not for honour, we are too proud already; we fight only for gold, the gold that belongs to our people. Those scum shall see our wrath."

Ignis-Grimnir, the Auric Runefather of Lofnir Lodge, enters battle aboard his deadly Magmadroth. For it was Ignis-Grimnir himself who carried the egg of this very Magmadroth across the bridge of molten lava to prove his supremacy. His hands and feet now covered in soot for all to see. Taming the child of Vulcatrix was a gruelling task. The torture and pain that Ignis-Grimnir endured is a feat highly respected among the kin of the Lofnir Lodge. For now the deadly duo of this mighty Runefather and his Magmadroth has ensured Lofnir Lodge safety and has instilled great fear in their enemies.

Shortly after his inauguration as the Runefather of Lofnir Lodge, a terrifying battle broke out close to their home of Mount Fang. Whispers of many riches and Ur-Gold to be had tempted Ignis-Grimnir to lead his folk away from the mountain. Duardin are greedy folk, greed leads to hate. Ur-Gold is the Fyreslayers weakness, but also what makes them strong. 

Born to the flame, Fyreslayers came into this realm from the now dormant volcanos covering Ghur. In the world that was, Duardin fought as one in service to the Gods of their kind, but in these new battlefields, they are able to fulfil their goals separately. Fyreslayers fight for two things; Ur-Gold and Revenge, their services can be bought for the right price. But if you do not pay, then revenge will come into play.

Returning from battle, with more riches and Ur-Gold to add to their vast chambers, Ignis-Grimnir realised their home of Mount Fang had been stolen. Settling just south of his homeland, the Lofnir Lodge began to plot how to steal back their rightful home. Here they embarked on quests as mercenaries, fighting for the highest bidder. At this stage, the highest bidder being the Ogor Tribes of Gorbul. In return of their chambers of Ur-Gold, they now fight alongside the Ogors for the meat and bones of the rival armies in Ghur, rending and destroying, rampaging the Realm as they see fit.

The Oak of Ages in the Realm of Ghur

The Oak of Ages in the Realm of Ghur

“The journey is long, thwart with dangers, beasts and Chaos. But we wander no more brethren, we find home, the lost Oak of an Age long ago. We sit atop and look upon the Realm with delight and yet still we feel alone, a word we should be used to. Each day we blow the horn of the wood to call upon any wanderers yet to find existence, but all that answers be monsters bound for hell!

We find allies to the south, a Kingdom of Men adept to life within a forest. Everywhere else, we just find death and suffering. We came from the North, through a gate from another world, through woods that have life upon themselves. But we find home.”

Lord Silvan, King of the Woods – AS 12

Lord Silvan and Frewix.

The First Aelf through the gate and first to witness and breath the air of Ghur. Although the journey for each Aelf took mere minutes, due to nature of the Realm Gate, Silvan was alone for a 1000 years before any others joined him. During this time, he journeyed south, finding a race of men in Fangwood Forest, a primitive species who still-hunted and gathered. He spent many years here learning of the beasts that lurked in the Realm, he told stories of from whence he came of a goddess of life who sent them to explore the different worlds that lay beyond the gates. He told stories of the eight Realms that make up the mortal plains and the home he once had. In exchange he was given information of a great tree in the Forest of Ashqur to the northwest. An alliance grew and Silvan travelled to establish his home in the Oak of Ages.

Oxoloth the Wanderer.


Ariela – Spellweaver.

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Rise of Empires: The Rules of the Campaign

Rise of Empires: The Rules of the Campaign

What good is a campaign if your army can not gain strides in gaining regions, conquering rivals and generally building their Empire.

I have developed the campaign map to show each armies current territory. Each time your army progresses by posting battle reports or introducing a new unit to the army, this territory will expand. 
There is a flip side to this, if someone doesn't post anything for a month, then their territory will decrease. Similarly, your territory could decrease if you go up against someone else in the Rise of Empires campaign and lose, if this happens it will depend on the outcome as to how much territory is lost and won.

Ways to gain territory:
  1. Post a blogpost detailing a new unit painted including some fluff for that unit.
  2. Post a battle report with a backstory.
  3. Post a short story of something your army has done if not played or painted anything.
  4. Win a battle against a rival involved in the Rise of Empires campaign.
Ways to lose territory:
  1. Don't post anything for a month.
  2. Be a dick.
  3. Lose a battle against a rival in Rise of Empires.

Monthly Challenges and Objectives.

So, there will be ways to gain extra territory each month, kind of a bonus game which will involves completing an objective - whether this be a painting challenge or gaming challenge will be different each month. This will be posted as close to the beginning of the month as I can make it. So the first will be in February.

Joining Late.

Now of course, joining late will mean it will be harder to win the campaign, but its only a casual narrative campaign so no one will stop you. The main point is to just have fun, writing fluff, painting armies and playing some games with mates.


I won't say what it is, but there will be a prize for the person with the most territory at the end of the campaign. There will also be a prize for my favourite story and one last for the fans favourite story.

Which brings me to one last point.. if anyone owns a company and wants to sponsor the campaign, please email me so we can sort something out.

So thats it! Happy Blogging and look forward to seeing the rise and falls of your armies!

The Snotskrit Family

The Snotskrit Family in the Realm of Ghur

The Snotskrit Family are quite a reserved clan, well let's just say they're reserved for a family of Night Goblins. The four brothers reknown across the Realm of Beasts are cunnin and brutal in their attacks, many moons pass by without anyone hearing anything from them as if they've disappeared off the face of Ghur but then they come. With such speed and precision the Gobbos and their Squigs come hurtling in their thousands from Snotskrit High Peaks in Karak O Karak and in a blink of an eye destruction is brought on the land.

While there are four brothers leading this clan, there are only three whom are constantly seen at the heart of the battle. Slapstrik Snotskrit, the Little Boss, he is never seen a grasp away from his trusty waraxe Ankle Whoppa; he foolishly leads his troops from the frontline not afraid to take on any enemy no matter the size. Backing him up are his twin brothers, Gax and Gox Snotskrit, two Shamans who don't always get it right with their magic. When the power of Gorkamorka smiles down on them they can use the power of Da Bad Moon to curse their enemy, but it's been said their powers can sometimes backfire and unfortunately the nearest goblins resemble a pile of ash at the end of their casting.

Then there is the fourth brother,  Gurruk Snotskrit. The oldest of the foresome, he is feared by most of the clan. Gurruk only emerges from the deepest part of the Snotskrit High Peaks when his brothers truly need his help, but Gurruk doesn't come alone...he rides his great cave squig Rippa, instantly striking fear into his enemies. If his own stabba doesn't work then Rippa's teeth, horns and claws will most definitely finish the job. 
Now for Night Goblins they are rather united in their leadership it doesn't mean the backstabbing and treachery that is core for a greenskin principle isn't rife in this family. Give one of them the chance and they'd off their own kin to claim soul ownership in a instance, but like most Goblins, not one of them have the brawn or brains to pull it off without creating an unintentional civil war within Snotskrit High Peaks. So for now the family lies united, but as they delve deeper into the Realm of Beasts and their power grows, surely it will be only a matter of time before one of the brothers steps up to run the Snotskrit Clan.
This is the tale of the Snotskrit Family based in Ghur, The Realm of Beasts...

The Return of Despair to the Realm of Ghur

The Return of Despair to the Realm of Ghur

Wilhelm looked on as the chanting took on a panicked tone. Despite having no memory of the emotion, he could clearly recognise the fear in the necromancers' eyes as they realised this spell would claim their lives, yet they were unable to stop. As time wore on, the pile of bones and ancient armour began to glow, lightly at first, yet brighter and brighter it grew. The only exception to this was a large axe, its ebon head absorbing even this witchlight. The ritual finally reached its fated conclusion with a scream, the necromancers' lifeless bodies hitting the floor as the glowing pile reassembled itself into a figure thought lost on the World-That-Was. Silently Wilhelm bowed, the wight king once again pledging itself to the dread general he was bound to serve.

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The Gathering of the Deep Fen, Elves From the Shadows

The Gathering of the Deep Fen, Elves From the Shadows

"Once we were as you are, lonely children, lashing out at others in a cruel world where domination served to lessen the fear of your own death.  We have met Death and defeated Him time and again.  Now we are one.  One with each other and one with the heartbeat of this wild place.  Death still pursues us, even here, but thanks to our transformation, our bonding, our transcendence, we are stronger than ever.  We will do what must be done to survive, though enough memory exists of our previous greatness to long for its return.  The Elves of the Deep Fen will fight when they must and take what they will.  Ours is the only true path to the end of Chaos and Death.  Join us or face our wrath."

                                                                                               - Sjelkendaal, Voice of the Deep -

Mojgorox 'The Risen': Beastmen in The Age of Beasts

Mojgorox 'The Risen': Age of Beasts (Realm of Ghur)

"We rend! We destroy in the name of our father's! We care not of your thoughts and gains but only of your blood! We are hungry aren't we? This land is ours, given to us by father to breed, excrete and devour. We, your child farm these lands, like Father Nurgle's Virus, Like Father Khorne's carving knife, like Father Tzeentch's knowledge and Father Slaanesh's consumption. 

We are hungry aren't we? We devote ourselves to Chaos and destruction. We have travelled through the gardens, across the labyrinth, crossing the blood sea and participating in the everlasting orgy. We grow strong from blessings and we arrive in our home. Mojgorox; yes we! Lead the charge against order and death, only Chaos will survive!"

Mojgorox – BS (Time unknown)

Mojgorox 'The Risen'. - Beastlord

Mojgorox has seen many a time come an go, as an immortal, he can not be slain by mortal men and only if one of his fathers see fit he should return to the Realms of Chaos. The ending of the old world and his travels to the Realm of Ghur through Chaos split his mind into four, each quarter devoted to the different gods of Chaos. This drives him crazy as his mind battles like the dark gods themselves for supremacy. But his devotion to Chaos can not be matched. He ruled Ghur for thousands of years until the mortals started arriving. At first Mojgorox found this entertaining, hunting for sport, killing for fun. But soon the numbers grew too many and Ghur is a large place. Mojgorox was recalled by the dark gods to Chaos, where he was tortured by Khorne, empowered by Tzeentch, fed by Slaanesh and cuddled by Nurgle until Chaos could rule gain. 

After many years Mojgorox is to be set upon the Realm once more, power running through his veins and death in his heart, he can rule once more.

Gor Brayherd

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The Host of Chrak'gar: Seraphon in the Realm of Ghur

The Host of Chrak'gar: Seraphon in the Realm of Ghur

"Most do not realise there are in fact two races of Seraphon, 'The Celestial Seraphon' and the 'Land-Dwelling Lizards'.  Not all Lizardmen in the world-that-was escaped into space with the Slaan, some remained, duty bound to protect their old world. Once Archaon prevailed in the demise of the Old World, it was engulfed and swallowed by the void. This reality soon split into distinct Realms. The remains of Lustria was thrown in Ghur, The Realm of the Beasts, separated for thousands of years from the main land, it became an island. The Lizardmen thrived here creating their own temples and civilisations. For a millennia in the world-that-was it was Slaan who created Lizardmen, they could not breed themselves, but life finds a way. This new breed of lizardmen grew in size, their colours changed to match to harsh surroundings of Ghur. Skink Priests still remembered their Slaan masters who now were worshipped like gods instead, looking to the stars for guidance which in turn still gifts them celestial powers of the starbound cousins.

This perfect world was ruined though, the continents of Ghur shift quickly, and without warning, the island of New Lustria crashed into the mainland with a sound that shook all the Realms. This new supercontinent was infested with Beastmen, Ratmen and Orruks and the eternal struggle once again was upon them. 

Rise of the Empires in The Age of Beasts

Rise of the Empires in The Age of Beasts

A campaign running in line with The Tales of Sigmar

To follow along with Tales of Sigmar in which people are progressing their new armies of Age of Sigmar, I have decided to give the campaign another go. This time I will let all you lovely people update your own stories. Although if your not part of the Tales of Sigmar and still want your place on the map and want to update your own fluff, then still join in!

The idea is to grow the Realm of Beasts with more and more warbands that can also grow in size as the campaign progresses.

The Timeline is set before the Age of Myth in a blank period that GW completely skimmed over. (This is subject to change depending on the views of everyone taking part) but there must be a good thousand or so years of story that we can all be a part of with our new warbands and armies.

Due to references in the new Big Book where it explains that before the Age of Myth there was big beasts of magic roaming around I will be referring to the this time period as 'The Age of Beasts'

There is so much more that can be done with this, be part of a story... if you would like to join with some of your mates, firstly its free.. just email me with your army, I will email you back with a map reference of your place in the Realm. Post up your initial fluff of your army then play some games with your mates and post up your battle reports and fluff to go along with it. As you do, the map will be filled up with Battle Locations and Key details. The more you post the larger your Kingdom becomes.

Link to the Huge Detailed Map of The Realm of Ghur