Gorbolg Frostmaw & The Deadly Alliance

 Gorbolg Frostmaw & The Deadly Alliance

“Ur-Gold, the currency of war, a price we pay to survive in this new world.

From the day we arrived, the plague of Chaos surrounded us, tested us and aroused us. The meat of Nurgle is not the first choice, infested and vile, the rotten flesh of corrupted men does not fill well, but for now, it will do. We are hungry for more, we have paid for the service of the small folk to find us new flesh to feed our aching guts, if they fail at least they will provide a small snack of muscle to subside.”

 Gorbolg Frostmaw leads the Ogor tribes of Kinbizir, a once Duardin settlement at the foot of  the frozen Mount Fang in the West of Ghur. The Duardin now long gone, the Ogors built their own settlement. A crude rabble of buildings and fulcrums worshiping Maw, the god of hunger. In the world that was, Ogors were cursed with a never ending hunger, a hunger which aided as much as hindered their dominance of that world. They began their time in the new Realms without this everlasting hunger, but gods can be cruel.

They wandered Ghur in the early days, rending and destroying early settlements, feasting on bone and gaining strides. They came across a vast mountain with ancient entrances in which to enter the heart. A glow illuminated from the centre enticing the Ogors in. Inside the walls were lined with gold, tunnels wound down and round to a vast chamber, once full of magma, now frozen over revealing crystals and Ur-Gold which clad the ceilings and floors. Someone had already been here though, crude mining tools lay about. Gorbolg had heard about the desirability of this element and so from that day, the Mountain was claimed as theirs.

But a price comes from so much bounty, greed and hate stem from a vast wealth, from hate and greed, leads greater hunger for wanting more. In the very centre of the dormant volcano, a pit grew, groans were heard coming from the bottom of the hole. Gorbolg spoke to the voices, the voices of which had haunted Ogors in times passed, The Great Maw had returned. That day a deal was struck between Gorbolg and Maw, Gorbolg already cursed with greed, wanted more. In return, instead of more Ur-Gold, all they were blessed with was the return of the never-ending hunger. For hundreds of years proceeding, the Realm shock as Ogors rampaged searching for meat and bone, never being able to feel satisfied.

Gorbolg sat on his throne, anger filled his thoughts. Suddenly, the throne room doors burst open and a group of small, muscular folk appeared, demanding the return of the mountain they believed was rightfully theirs. Gorbolg saw this as an opportunity. The Fyreslayers wanted Ur-Gold, the Ogors now only desired meat; a fresh deal and unstable alliance was forced upon these two races. The power of the Ogors and cunning nature of the Fyreslayers would prove to be a deadly mix.

Despite residing in the frozen tundra of Mount Fang, Gorbolg Frostmaw harnesses the ability gifted to him by the Great Maw to breathe fire - a power feared by many.

The Fyreslayers of Lofnir Lodge

“Ur-Gold, the currency of war. What was ours shall be again.

Those scum shall only see pain. The fyre in our souls grinds adrenaline, we fight not for freedom, we have this already; we fight not for honour, we are too proud already; we fight only for gold, the gold that belongs to our people. Those scum shall see our wrath."

Ignis-Grimnir, the Auric Runefather of Lofnir Lodge, enters battle aboard his deadly Magmadroth. For it was Ignis-Grimnir himself who carried the egg of this very Magmadroth across the bridge of molten lava to prove his supremacy. His hands and feet now covered in soot for all to see. Taming the child of Vulcatrix was a gruelling task. The torture and pain that Ignis-Grimnir endured is a feat highly respected among the kin of the Lofnir Lodge. For now the deadly duo of this mighty Runefather and his Magmadroth has ensured Lofnir Lodge safety and has instilled great fear in their enemies.

Shortly after his inauguration as the Runefather of Lofnir Lodge, a terrifying battle broke out close to their home of Mount Fang. Whispers of many riches and Ur-Gold to be had tempted Ignis-Grimnir to lead his folk away from the mountain. Duardin are greedy folk, greed leads to hate. Ur-Gold is the Fyreslayers weakness, but also what makes them strong. 

Born to the flame, Fyreslayers came into this realm from the now dormant volcanos covering Ghur. In the world that was, Duardin fought as one in service to the Gods of their kind, but in these new battlefields, they are able to fulfil their goals separately. Fyreslayers fight for two things; Ur-Gold and Revenge, their services can be bought for the right price. But if you do not pay, then revenge will come into play.

Returning from battle, with more riches and Ur-Gold to add to their vast chambers, Ignis-Grimnir realised their home of Mount Fang had been stolen. Settling just south of his homeland, the Lofnir Lodge began to plot how to steal back their rightful home. Here they embarked on quests as mercenaries, fighting for the highest bidder. At this stage, the highest bidder being the Ogor Tribes of Gorbul. In return of their chambers of Ur-Gold, they now fight alongside the Ogors for the meat and bones of the rival armies in Ghur, rending and destroying, rampaging the Realm as they see fit.


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