The Oak of Ages in the Realm of Ghur

The Oak of Ages in the Realm of Ghur

“The journey is long, thwart with dangers, beasts and Chaos. But we wander no more brethren, we find home, the lost Oak of an Age long ago. We sit atop and look upon the Realm with delight and yet still we feel alone, a word we should be used to. Each day we blow the horn of the wood to call upon any wanderers yet to find existence, but all that answers be monsters bound for hell!

We find allies to the south, a Kingdom of Men adept to life within a forest. Everywhere else, we just find death and suffering. We came from the North, through a gate from another world, through woods that have life upon themselves. But we find home.”

Lord Silvan, King of the Woods – AS 12

Lord Silvan and Frewix.

The First Aelf through the gate and first to witness and breath the air of Ghur. Although the journey for each Aelf took mere minutes, due to nature of the Realm Gate, Silvan was alone for a 1000 years before any others joined him. During this time, he journeyed south, finding a race of men in Fangwood Forest, a primitive species who still-hunted and gathered. He spent many years here learning of the beasts that lurked in the Realm, he told stories of from whence he came of a goddess of life who sent them to explore the different worlds that lay beyond the gates. He told stories of the eight Realms that make up the mortal plains and the home he once had. In exchange he was given information of a great tree in the Forest of Ashqur to the northwest. An alliance grew and Silvan travelled to establish his home in the Oak of Ages.

Oxoloth the Wanderer.


Ariela – Spellweaver.


  1. I like the format of writing it as a diary of explorers. Very cool


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