Rise of Empires: The Rules of the Campaign

Rise of Empires: The Rules of the Campaign

What good is a campaign if your army can not gain strides in gaining regions, conquering rivals and generally building their Empire.

I have developed the campaign map to show each armies current territory. Each time your army progresses by posting battle reports or introducing a new unit to the army, this territory will expand. 
There is a flip side to this, if someone doesn't post anything for a month, then their territory will decrease. Similarly, your territory could decrease if you go up against someone else in the Rise of Empires campaign and lose, if this happens it will depend on the outcome as to how much territory is lost and won.

Ways to gain territory:
  1. Post a blogpost detailing a new unit painted including some fluff for that unit.
  2. Post a battle report with a backstory.
  3. Post a short story of something your army has done if not played or painted anything.
  4. Win a battle against a rival involved in the Rise of Empires campaign.
Ways to lose territory:
  1. Don't post anything for a month.
  2. Be a dick.
  3. Lose a battle against a rival in Rise of Empires.

Monthly Challenges and Objectives.

So, there will be ways to gain extra territory each month, kind of a bonus game which will involves completing an objective - whether this be a painting challenge or gaming challenge will be different each month. This will be posted as close to the beginning of the month as I can make it. So the first will be in February.

Joining Late.

Now of course, joining late will mean it will be harder to win the campaign, but its only a casual narrative campaign so no one will stop you. The main point is to just have fun, writing fluff, painting armies and playing some games with mates.


I won't say what it is, but there will be a prize for the person with the most territory at the end of the campaign. There will also be a prize for my favourite story and one last for the fans favourite story.

Which brings me to one last point.. if anyone owns a company and wants to sponsor the campaign, please email me so we can sort something out.

So thats it! Happy Blogging and look forward to seeing the rise and falls of your armies!


  1. Not entirely sure I'm a fan of someone else's stories being a way to lose territory if I'm honest, to me it seems like it should be rolled into playing against each other

  2. maybe that is a bit too harsh. fair point.. will change.


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