Realm Hoppers - The Khorne Rebellion

Tales mention of a forgotten area of Aqshy, a corner of land that no-one, who doesn't wish themselves death, wonders. Delving further into this forsaken land, the heated bubbling rivers turn to boiling blood, bones litter the floor crunching under armoured foot, a mere warning to others their fate will be the same if they venture forth. Story says, whole armies have marched upon the Realm of Fire determined to conquer this renowned area and not a single one returns, their skulls taken for rewards. 

In recent times more renegades of Khorne both of Daemon descent and mortal Bloodbound have been witnessed transcending onto these lands to worship the creator of this blood bath. The in-wards rebellion of Khorne is growing at a steady pace and soon this Realm will crumble under crimson and bone.  

For the legends talk of one beast responsible for all this bloodshed, an exiled monster once the favour of Khorne. But now he lives an outcast, his anger and wrath the only shred of personality that this Bloodthirster possesses. Where he walks leading his rebellion, the blood rivers flow and the skull piles grow and now with an ever expanding number of worshippers, Skarbrand's power grows within the eight realms… may Sigmar have mercy on the unfortunate few who get in his way. 


  1. Nice intro!! Looking forward to seeing this progress.

    1. Cheers, thought if I committed this early to the army I couldn't change my mind anymore!


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