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Rise of Empires: Realm Hoppers Online Campaign

Welcome to the new Online Campaign for Age of Sigmar: Rise of Empires. Realm Hoppers.
What is Realm Hoppers? This is a brand new style of campaign gaming in the Age of Sigmar. It combines Path to Glory (PtG), Ladder Style campaigns, Matrix, Silver Tower dungeon crawler. You become a Hero in the Mortal and Chaos Realms, questing to locate Dark Crystals in the aftermath of the Age of Chaos. This is set after the Season of War and All-gates in the timeline. You will find yourself fighting through battle plans, obtaining treasure which can be exchanged on the Black Market, gaining Skills and most importantly growing your war band to help you along the way.
How do I take part? All you need to start is your imagination. Register your interest on, I will send you an email invitation to the blog. From here you can create your blog posts detailing your victories in your battles, post up newly painted war scroll pics or create short stories for your war band. You will receive renown p…

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