Realm Hoppers - The Khorne Rebellion - Further into Aqshy

Ranuk raised his icon of Khorne high into the air, the light from the fires of Aqshy illuminated the portal of skulls that surrounded the defiled icon. The waves of Bloodreavers let out an almighty roar as they trampled over the skulls embedded on the floor, the bone dust mixed with the dry soil kicked up under their feet as they delved deeper into the rumoured lair of the Exiled One. The Bloodbound had been on the move for days now searching for the Exiled One, as they traversed further into the Realm of Fire the telling signs of Skarbrand were apparent, the skulls were more frequent, the bubbling rivers of lava were now bubbling with blood but yet they couldn't find the Outcast. 
Small pockets of resistance from FyreSlayers cropped up but the hordes of Bloodbound, frenzied by their desire of finding Skarbrand, were overwhelmed. Weeks passed and it felt like Ranuk was losing hope of finding the lair of the rebellion of Khorne, but as he lifted his Portal of Skulls into the air to give more orders to his Bloodbound, the almighty roar pierced their eardrums. The light around Ranuk drew dark as the Exiled One stood before him…. 


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