Rise of Empires: Realm Hoppers October Objective

Welcome to October in the Realm Hoppers campaign! 

So September has now gone. Bit of a slow start to the campaign, but thats ok, its only for a bit of fun. If you want to join in this month, just post up your models and battle reports and score some points!

As it is now the next month, you can add in another 1 or 2 war scrolls from the Path to Glory tables below, but still no more than 1350 points in total.

Order Faction Path to Glory tables
Destruction Faction Path to Glory tables
Daemons of Chaos Path to Glory tables
Death and Tomb Kings Path to Glory Tables

Painting your war band.

Here is the best and easiest way of collecting renown points, for every war scroll that is painted and based, then posted up to the blog, you will earn a renown point. Renown points will enable your General to level up and in turn collect Dark Crystals. You can only Level up once per month. To get to Level 1, you need 8 Renown points. To get to level 2, you need 20 Renown points.

For every 8 renown points you earn, you can collect either a Treasure Card or Secondary Objective Card. For every Level up you gain, you can collect a Skill Card. You cannot have more than 3 cards in your possession at anytime.

The battleplan.

This months battleplan sees you General and a few of his elite venture down into the Tombs of the underworld, into the domain of the dead. The rest of your war band are not far behind, but can they survive long enough for the reinforcements to arrive. You must pick a maximum of 250 points worth of models to start the battleplan. After you have played this battleplan, feel free to play as many more as you like!

For every battle you play, you gain 1 Renown point, for every battle you win, you gain an extra Renown point. If you have a secondary objective card and you complete this, you gain another Renown point.

Skill cards can be kept indefinitely (or until your General is slain in any battle or you replace the card), Treasure and Secondary Objective cards can only be used in your next battle and are then lost.

In this battleplan, you have the chance to find more Dark Crystals. If you have any in your possession at the end of the battle, let me know how many you have. These can be exchanged on the Black Market for Treasure, or can be crushed and consumed.. this second option does not always help you, but may give you a super boost for your next battle!

Secondary Objectives, Skill and Treasure Cards

Below is the link to the folders containing all the Skill, Treasure and Secondary Objective Cards that will be in play. When you gain one of these cards, they will be given to you randomly. 

Writing Short Stories

There is one other way in which you can earn Renown points, you can write a short story for your general and war band, detailing something they have done in the Mortal Realms. This can be anything you like. But for every short story, you earn 1 renown point.

So thats it! Good Luck for Month 2 and I look forward to seeing your progress! There may be (if I get time) a painting competition at the end of this month where you will get chance to earn more Renown points! Keep your eye out of that.

Player scores for September! 

Now like I said a slow month, but a few have gained some Renown.

Beasts of Nurgle now has 10 Renown points
Tales of Sigmar has 1 Renown point

(From the club) - As a club we are playing through the campaign too, but not many of them will post up, so they won't be able to win but..

Sean Houghton now has 8 Renown
Paul Ferguson now has 8 Renown
Adam James now has ...
Mike Owen now has ...
Ben Crowe now has ...
Kye Baker now has 8 Renown ...


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