Season of War: Painting Competition, Voting!

The Entries! Please Vote by leaving comment of the person in comment section

Ian Doughty

Jon Ginevar

Andrew French

Kye Baker

Ian Craig

Clint Mallet

Alex Galvin

Rusty Moscola

Alasdair Hutchinson

Mike Tipple

Juan Cardona

James Perrin


  1. Vote for Ian Craig's Lord celestant on Dracoth

  2. I vote for Rusty Moscola's Orruk Megaboss.

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  4. Competition voting is now over! I have added up the votes on here and on and the clear winner is....

    Rusty Moscola! Well done to you, you can choose yourself any generic battle line unit (Not faction based battle line) and let me know which. I will get it sent out to you asap! 

    Thanks to all that took part, I will get another competition out soon! 

    Hobby Hammer


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