Season of War Campaign: Week 1 - A Clash of Battlelines

Here it is, the first battle plan for the Season of War campaign. Ready your troops to either defend or attack The Living City. Starts on the 14th July 2016.

This battle plan is all about picking the right units for the job. Of course as this is narrative, the battle plan asks you to pick a force as per the AoS rules. But why not integrate the matched play points system? As this is an escalation campaign, below is the way I would adapt this campaign to be more competitive and probably a little more fun to play. Of course this is only my opinion and you should adapt it to how you want to play, unless your lazy... then just use mine.

The Armies:

Player choose their armies as described in the Generals Handbook, Pitched Battles, I recommend 1000pts (Varanguard). Each army must consist of at least 3 Battleline units and no more than 2 behemoths and 2 artillery. You should only choose units from the same Alliance.

The Battlefield: 

This battle takes place on the outskirts of the city, in Player A's deployment zone, set up a fortress wall and a few ruins. In Player B's deployment zone, set up woods and rivers. 


Battline Units must be deployed first alternating between players and must be set up in the players Front Line at least 3" away from the enemy. All other units must be set up in the players territory. 

Only Battleline units can be classed as reinforcements and the added command ability can only affect battle line units.

Once you have played the battle plan, post up the results to this site, give a small battle report to go along with it, if you want to add some narrative as well all the better.

Of course the other way to score points for your Alliance is to post up a blog showing pictures of a completed painted war scroll. 

Remember this directly affects the timeline of The Age of Sigmar! Good Luck!


  1. Love it love it love it. Is this official GW or homebrew?

  2. This is the first of 4 official battle plans for the summer campaign

  3. Were trining for it Wednsday.. And were über hyped about the game :)


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