Keep on Rotting in the Free Peoples!

Blub was even more tired than usual. His regiment had been on the move for as long as he could remember. Even through absolute fatigue however, he knew each and every man would follow the Order to Aqshy and back to achieve their goal, even though it seemed unfathomable to these common men.

Here's Blub

With their lives on their backs, Blub's men were scouts of the assembled Freeguilds of Azyrheim, part of which had been attached to The Order long ago. Moving through the Realm of Beasts at the forefront of The Orders forces, they were tasked with tracking any signs of Chaos they could find, with particular importance given to that of the servants of the pus god Nurgle...

Blub's Bowmen

Hey guys, 

Decided to start a new army recently, going to be Devoted of Sigmar / Free Peoples split. As I have a load of Bretonnians gathering dust, I've started AOSing them up! Here's the first unit, a unit of Freeguild bowmen. Gone for a very muddy look, using Typhus Corrosion to build up texture towards the bottom of the model, then using my basing scheme to create a mud effect on them.

Eventually I want to build up a warrior priest warband to be the joint leaders of the army! Starting with this conversion based on the warpriest from silver tower!

Oh and there's also the small issue of getting this guy done! Probably a big ask but going to aim to get him done by the end of the month!

This post has been updated on the campaign! 1 war scrolls painted for Order Alliance! Thank you.


  1. This post has been updated on the campaign! 1 war scrolls painted for Order Alliance! Thank you.


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