Season of War Campaign: Week 3 - Might of Monsters

So onto Week 3 of the campaign and here we have an awesome battle plan which gives you extra rules for a big old monster fight. The objective is to destroy the opponents monsters.

A bit of narrative for how we have got to this point. Week one saw the armies meeting in the outskirts and plains surrounding the Greywater Fastness city as Chaos, Destruction and Death all set out to destroy the new city of Order. As the battles raged, champions of the Alliances began to emerge, and heroes rose up to lead their armies to victory, Week 2 saw these rising heroes clash in mighty battles inside the walls of the city. They all command mighty battle hosts now including some truly epic monsters. Each alliance realises that to overcome the enemy, the Behemoths must be destroyed and what better way to kill a monster than with another monster. The enemy rages across the streets of Greywater Fastness and the Order Alliance must not let them reach their strongholds in the city centre, They must not be allowed to reach the Realmgate!

For this battle I personally would recommend using 2-4 monsters per side, 2000pts as per GH and fight your battle over the city streets themselves. Have small alleyways for your armies to hide from the monsters! 

Why not go one step further and use the matrix campaign rules to alter how the armies approach the battle. 

Good luck and report back with your victories! 


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