Gorepuppet's Heroes on the Wing

Borne aloft by majestic, feathered mounts, Gorepuppet's Crypt Flayers are a terrifying sight to behold. Having supped on their master's blood, their madness has translated their bestial, mutated forms into mighty winged steeds. Fallen enemies, flesh freshly gnawed from their bones, are glued and lashed to makeshift saddles; these are the Winged Knights of Gorepuppet's host, and all (even the Flayers themselves) treat these inanimate blood-and-bone chevaliers with respect. The steeds, of course, are also honored, and given the choicest of cuts.

This post has been updated on the campaign! Thank you.


  1. This post has been updated on the campaign! 1 warscroll painted for the Death Alliance! Thank you.


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