Season of War: Bonus Battleplan, Triumph and Treachery

(The Wolves of Carcassonne)

As part of the Season of War campaign, Kye, Mark and myself decided to play a bit of Triumph and Treachery from the new Generals Handbook, the battle plan we played was Field of Blood, we wanted to make it as open play as possible whilst still maintaining the balance and fairness. So we picked our armies based on roughly 1000pts, give or take but did not use any extra restrictions apart from what was on the battle plan. 

We followed everything on the battle plan, making sure we only had 1 model with over 10 wounds, no units larger than double their war scroll size etc. We filled the table with terrain to recreate an old village on the outskirts of 'The Living City' in Ghur, centred around a graveyard. We rolled to see who set up first, Kye went first and dropped his whole army on the left (Western) edge, near the watchtower. I set up next opting for the Damned Forest and Realmgate in the South Eastern corner, Mark and his Serpahon dropped last, not leaving him a lot of options, he opted to deploy as close to the graveyard as he could.


(Vermin lord Warpseer and his war band)

(Lord Kroak and his constellation - WiP)

I was given first turn (Kindly... not) by Kye and moved slowly over the deadly terrain, I sacrificed a Knight to gain +1 to hit, incase I didn't get another turn for a while, I moved my Knight Venator into a building overlooking the graveyard. I moved up my Glade Guard (but these were killed in turn 1) and the General buffed himself to try and take the centre.

(Knights on the move)

In turn 2, the General failed his charge on the Warpseer and very swiftly died at his Rat Ogors hands in next turn, the Knights sacrificed another Knight and charged the Grind team of Stormfiends, killing them all 18 wounds!

Seraphon advance slowly down the deadly river, whilst Knight Venator waits in ambush
Turn 3, Knights are charged by whole Seraphon army!

(Kye's turn 2 saw him advance to the edge of the graveyard.)

No more pictures after this as shit got real! The game was really close, I was down to 1 wound left on my Venator by end, Kye had a lot left and Mark was down to Kroak (who I now think is impossible to kill). Kye won the game by 1 Laurel in the end, Mark finished second and I came last. 

This post has been updated on the campaign! 1 Battle Point for Chaos Alliance! Thank you.

Random Pokemon dancing on the gaming table..


  1. That looks like a great scenario to play, might introduce my friends to AoS with it.

    1. It would make for a great introduction game to new AoS players.


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