The 'Season of War' Summer Campaign

Welcome to the Season of War! A Warhammer Age of Sigmar campaign. I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to run a Season of War campaign and thought what better way to do this than as part of the Rise of Empires campaign currently in the Realm of Ghur. The Season of War campaign takes place in Ghyran in 3 different city locations, The Seeds of Hope. 3 cities raised by the forces of Order in the wake of The Realmgate Wars, but raised too early, too fast and too large. The first city ,and the one we shall be playing for in the Rise of Empires will be 'Greywater Fastness'. A city raised by the Ironweld Arsenal. Built in the Jade Kingdom of Thyria encompassing a Realmgate that connects Ghyran to Ghur, the city spread out both sides of gate in both Realms. Ghur had been in darkness for so long, lost to time and the Gods of Order, but finally the light of Ghyran had been let in and more importantly the way out of Ghur had been found!

Except, not everyone in Ghur wanted to be connected, Chaos wanted only war and corruption, this city of Order was an abomination that needed to be destroyed. The armies of destruction saw only a greater challenge and one in which they could not forgo, how fast could they destroy the city was there only goal. Nagash and his death courts came from Shyish to spread their claws and fear amongst the people. Some forces of Order, cut off from civilisation and their gods for so long only knew the primitive lands of Ghur and fought for their lands instead of their gods.

So the War for Greywater Fastness had begun.

What is the Season of War?

  • Season of War is the Global Campaign for 2016. Its a Warhammer Age of Sigmar campaign with a interactive website.
  • It's a chance to change the history of the Mortal Realms. The results from the interactive website will determine how the ongoing timeline will be written.

How does it work?

  • To affect the campaign results, post up your battle reports or painted war scroll as you have been before. 
  • Both Battle Reports and Painted units both contribute to the outcome of the campaign. You are not limited to playing one game a week though.. all of your games will count towards to campaign. But please play the official week battle plan first.
  • The only way to enter your results is through registered stores or blogs like this. 
  • Each week I will be posting up a new Battleplan sent especially for the campaign by Games Workshop. Play out the battle plan using wither the rules as described, the rules or suggestions from myself or your own interpretation. 
If you have already been posting and playing in the Rise of Empires then you can use either your own army, the one you have been painting and building. Or even start a new one. 

If you do not have a registered shop or Games Workshop near you. Or you just prefer to play in your garage with your mates instead of a gaming store, this is the perfect route in to directly affect how the timeline of Age of Sigmar will progress. So if you would like to join the campaign please email me and let me know, your name, email address and army you'll be using, I will then add you to the blog and you'll have access to write your own posts, battle plans etc

I will be creating a new map of the Greywater Fastness (well two, one in Ghur and one in Ghyran) and surrounding area in which you are able to, like you have been in Ghur, gain territory and expand your region. 

Below is the extract from Games Workshop to detail a little more information. As you can see the timeline has jumped forward a few more decades (looks like this is Post All-Gates)

Good Luck everybody, The campaign starts on the 14th July, the first Battleplan will be released on Thursday to give you 7 days to prepare your forces.


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