Rise of the Empires in The Age of Beasts

Rise of the Empires in The Age of Beasts

A campaign running in line with The Tales of Sigmar

To follow along with Tales of Sigmar in which people are progressing their new armies of Age of Sigmar, I have decided to give the campaign another go. This time I will let all you lovely people update your own stories. Although if your not part of the Tales of Sigmar and still want your place on the map and want to update your own fluff, then still join in!

The idea is to grow the Realm of Beasts with more and more warbands that can also grow in size as the campaign progresses.

The Timeline is set before the Age of Myth in a blank period that GW completely skimmed over. (This is subject to change depending on the views of everyone taking part) but there must be a good thousand or so years of story that we can all be a part of with our new warbands and armies.

Due to references in the new Big Book where it explains that before the Age of Myth there was big beasts of magic roaming around I will be referring to the this time period as 'The Age of Beasts'

There is so much more that can be done with this, be part of a story... if you would like to join with some of your mates, firstly its free.. just email me sean.houghton11@gmail.com with your army, I will email you back with a map reference of your place in the Realm. Post up your initial fluff of your army then play some games with your mates and post up your battle reports and fluff to go along with it. As you do, the map will be filled up with Battle Locations and Key details. The more you post the larger your Kingdom becomes.

Link to the Huge Detailed Map of The Realm of Ghur


  1. Hi ! Love the project, but if it takes place before the Age of Myth (I like the idea) what do we say for Stormcasts ? They don't exist yet :)
    We can just overlook that bit and bring them in anyway ^^

  2. Hi Jim!

    See this is why I wanted to see what everyone thought. We could just skim over it, or maybe come up with a fluff reason why they are there. Perhaps a new human faction experimenting with armour and magic, this will in turn give the idea to Sigmar to use Dwarves made sigmarite. Or we could change it to The Age of Sigmar.. lol

  3. Aha ! Well it depends on everybody's fluff ; if they all set up their armies in AoS, we can go for that :)
    Otherwise... I don't mind just skimming over it for my part, let's pretend they already existed :)
    Because trying to find an explanation like they were sent back throught time to protect the Realmgates looks a bit Tzeenchtian to me :D

    What I'm thinking is that your idea could fit in an AoS time very nicely... Chaos doesn't own verything, and there might be pockets of resistances of all factions in Ghur. Even more so as the beginning of the Aos kind of "awakened" all the freee people who where doing low profile until then. Plus, seeing all the Tales around, there still should be a majority of Chaos around there :D

    All that being said, I still love the idea to play in different Ages than the one in the books, very cool :)
    I would just have done a different army then :p

  4. Awesome, I don't think the timelines matter all that much, whether it is in AoS or AoB. send us an email and ill set you up. your stormcast could have been sent to Ghur, but can not get back, realm gate destroyed etc.. so have set up a settlement somewhere.

  5. Mail sent :) I'll fight in Ghur, and my Stormcasts are all about settlements and Realmgates ^^ (cf my BG on Tales)


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