The Wolves of Azyrheim

For an age, the Seraphon have fought the darkness for Chaos, the Magic of Death and the rampage of Destruction. Even tangling with the servants of Order if they too become out of line. It is the visions of the Starseer that guide the will of the Seraphon, executing orders from the Temple of Chrak'o.

The purpose of the Host of Chrak'gar is to stop any who wish to open the portal that would align Ghur once more. The wish of the Seraphon is for the Realm to never change, it is for this reason, all who enter Ghur are enemies of the lizards. However, an enemy of an enemy is a friend.

The Wolves of Azyr have been sent from Sigmar to find his lost Stormhost 'The Falconhearts' of the Hammers of Sigmar. These free people, aelves, duardin and even Stormcast originate from these lands and therefore their knowledge is crucial. Once the Falconhearts are located, the next mission will be to find the One True Realmgate and return home to Azyrheim, in doing so, realigning Ghur to the current timeline of the neighbouring realms.

Sigmars strength although absolute, is finite, and sending warbands through the storms drains even mighty gods as he. The Wolves of Azyr are few when they arrive, so they must find allies in this place to gain strides over other groups who have the same purpose.

General Elron Frewill, a mighty hero of a time long lost, leads the army upon the back of Shadowbeak his binded Griffon. The leadership and courage of Elron even sees Stormcast bow to his side. Sent with him, are his bodyguard of Demigryph knights, his mighty monster hunters the Wildwood Rangers and fellow Falconhearts from the winged kind.

G. Elron and his war band land in Ghur upon a opening in the Forest of Ashqur. A watchtower occupying the horizon, he orders his Prosecutors to fly ahead and scout the tower. They do so without question, as they land in the tower, they notice a hulk of meat to the South. The grunts and groans of huge men like beasts marching upon them. Suddenly the tower shook as huge cannon balls strike the base, they are trapped and one prosecutor falls as a piece of wall crashes and crushes him. G. Elron hears this and knows his troops are in trouble, he commands Shadowbeak to fly, his Demigryphs to take to middle line and his Rangers to flank round the building.

By the time to war band reach the watchtower, the prosecutors were surrounded by hulking Ogors and Ironguts, they were led by a slobbering Butcher. Elron swooped upon the Ogors and knocked many off their feet, the demigryphs followed in and allowed enough time for the prosecutors to retreat, but this was seen by the Ironguts and they were ambushed swiftly. The battle raged for a few hours before both armies realised no one would win this and there are greater enemies where their men would be needed. 

The Ogors moved on, leaving their fallen to the carrion already circling above. The Prosecutors fallen, returned to the heavens for their reforging to begin. The Free People who fought gallantly also flashed and vanished upon lightning to be forged anew into mighty Stormcast, but the aelves were not so lucky, not by Sigmars choice, but the choice of the wanderers kind. Their belief is that of the life cycle, their bodies were to be buried into the grounds to feed the realm, most of their souls could then return to Araloth to be united with their lost kind, they leave behind part of their souls to feed the Slyvaneth and so can live anew in the great cycle.
The burial of the wanderers was overlooked by the great Treelord 'Rgteaswokhg' who approached Elron and pledged his allegiance and service in kind. Unable to pronounce his name, Elron gave him the mortal name 'Quaker'


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