The Rise of the Spiderfang - Battle Report

The Rise of the Spiderfang

The newest enemies to Gorbolg and his alliance, the Spiderfang were a force to be reckoned with. Their rise to powerful domination was infamous around the region of Mount Fang. One of their most famous fights was a total domination of a Nurgle force. The Nurgle had stepped too close to Arachnia, and had disturbed the Spiderfang...

Chaos Warriors charged forth only to be met by swarms of Grot Spider Riders followed by an Arachnarok.

In a brave dash forth, Azmog Venomfang spotted a Soulgrinder. A lovely piece of meat to devour. Shortly following him was another Arachnarok.

Grot Spider Riders swarmed and surrounded Chaos Knights, their deadly venomous fangs sinking into Nurgle flesh.

Meanwhile, a Great Unclean One spotted the third Arachnarok and charged forth to attack. However, the Arachnarok hungry for any flesh possible devoured the Great Unclean one whole.

And then turned his attention to some Chaos Warhounds who had ventured too close.

The Chaos Sorcerer commanding from the back soon found himself surrounded...

The Soulgrinder brought down Azmog Venomfang. However, this deed was one he ended up regretting as two Arachnaroks and more Grot Spider Riders surrounded him hungry for flesh and revenge.

Having dealt with everything else, three Chaos Warriors remained. All the other spiders turned around and crept forth to devour their final victims...

This spelt a total demolition of the entire Nurgle force, the Spiders had conquered and demonstrated their devastating power in a terrifying way.


  1. These are beautiful. How did you convert those legs on the smaller spiders?


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