The Spiderfang of Arachnia

The Spiderfang of Arachnia

Arachnia lay east of Mount Fang. 
What was beyond the entrance to the enchanted forest was known to only few. 

The forest of Arachnia was home to a tribe of Spiderfang Grots consisting of fearless Grot Spider Riders who formed the main footfall of the tribe and humongous Arachnarok Spiders carrying powerful Grot Shamans capable of harnessing devastating magical powers gifted to them from the Spider God. Leading the tribe of Arachnia was the eldest Grot of the tribe, the Grot Big Boss; Azmog Venomfang who rode into war upon on his gigantic spider. 

The tribe of Arachnia were only a small tribe, however their power and enchantment over the forest of Arachnia was a tale well known across the lands of Ghur. What was perhaps more well known and feared, however, was the mystery over Arachnia and how many had entered the dark woods and never returned.

The lair of Azmog Venomfang was very rarely interrupted, only for dire circumstances did his Grot tribe venture inside. This occasion proved necessary. 

"Boss, we have 'erd of some little orange 'aired men runnin' 'avoc around the Mountain. Rumour has it they've managed to convince a tribe of stinkin' Ogors to fight wiv 'em! Boss, they are becomin' too big for their boots, I think we oughta interrupt their party!"

"Send in the spiders."


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