Keep on Rotting in the Free World: Will Cholothrax Prophet?

Cholothrax was having a crisis of Faith. No matter how much his diligence in applying rotting matter seemed to be growing the Rot Tree, he still remained his normal, human self - no mutations to be found anywhere! 

Before he could ponder this lack of development further, the Rot Tree "portal" began to bubble. This hadn't happened since the Keepers first arrived in Ghur, his interest was piqued.

Emerging from the putrid passage was a diminuitive figure, gloriously blessed by Nurgle, in stark contrast to Cholothrax. The surrounding rotbringers bowed, recognising a superior being.

"I am a Prophet of Nurgle, which one of you is Cholothrax?" he said. Cholothrax stood and put his hand up, Cholophract and the other lieutenants sniggered. 

"We thank you for your loyal service, your commitment has not gone unnoticed, despite what you may think. To achieve greatness, you must spread the Rot throughout this land. You have done this well in the East, but we have agents in the West who require assistance."

"How can we travel the realm whilst still tending to the Rot Tree?" asked Cholothrax.

"Largax will return with the answer," stated the Prophet. 

"What?! Where's he gone?" Cholothrax asked incredulously.

(If you know what kit this is from you can probably guess where the story is going...)


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