Send in the Spiders! - Battle Report

The Spiderfang of Arachnia had ventured close to a stormhost of Stormcast Eternals in a nearby ruined city. The lure of war teased them forth...

Scuttling with speed across the battlefield, the Spider Riders charged into a unit of Liberators.

Meanwhile, when realising they were being targeted, the Retributors teleported behind the Spiders making a charge at one of the Arachnaroks leading the battle from the back.

More Retributors teleported in, being closely followed by Prosecutors. The Spider Riders kept their fight up, using the trees to their advantage.

Climbing over the trees, the eight glowing green eyes of another Arachnarok stared straight at the Liberators attacking the Spider Riders, it was feeding time.

Having easily dealt with the Liberators, the other Spiders turned towards the advancing Stormhost from the flank.

Fangs and legs punctured into the Sigmarite armour, whilst the Stormcast hit back with deadly hammers.

The Retributors proved too deadly for the Spider Riders...

Until they were supported by support from behind, the deadly Arachnarok stared down at his enemies, venom dripping from his fangs.

Meanwhile, from out of nowhere a Lord Relictor and Lord Celestant on Dracoth appeared. However, the Arachnarok made sure of a nice feast, devouring the Lord Celestant whole without taking a single damage from him.

The remaining Retributors saw off to the damaged Arachnarok, and charged forth challenging the Spiderfang leader.

With a clap in the skies and a bright light, more Stormcast reinforcements arrived, and the mighty Celestant Prime floated down to battle.

The battle was looking dire for the Spiders, who decided to retreat before any lasting damage was done. The tough Stormcast and Celestant Prime proved too strong, more spiders were needed.

"Send in the Spiders!" - Shouted Azmog Venomfang as he retreated back to Arachnia. The Spiders would soon have their revenge.


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