Clash of Warbands

            The haunting echo of battles long passed resonated through the halls of Tashghoul, slamming into Petra's ears. The large man shifted his weight, "It is time" his once smooth voice now damaged by the flames that gained him Khorne's favor. He turned to the armor clad men in the inner chamber"A strange enemy trespasses, find them, destroy them" Silently the Ash knights marched out the chamber, down the large temple to the small village below, Petra walking beside them at every step, It wasnt far out side the village that Petra spotted the enemy, Many riders, a strange magical glow about them "We may need some assistance" Petra spoke as he closed his eyes and chanted, almost immediately several of Khorne's bloodletters rose from the ground, Petra raised his axe forward, poiting towards the Aelfs riding ever closer" NOW!"

Turn 1

(sorry for poor pictures, i also missed taking a few)

              Ash Knights and Petra climbed the watchtower to get a better view of the battlefield, as the bloodletters crawled out of the outcropping to join the battle, the Aelf Dark Shards, sprung the trap and revealed themselves near the cage


Turn 2

The bloodletters, rushed forward into the dark shards, they would pay for the trespasses of their people, The ash knights surged forward Petra, at their heels. The enemy cavalry ran forward, when the second Aelf cavalry revealed themselves to be spellcasters, throwing an arcane shield around them. 

Turn 3

The Aelf crossbowmen fell like children to the bloody swords of the daemons.  The Ash Knights slammed into the first group of Aelf cavalry, the treacherous spellcasters throw a magic bolt into the daemons , however, more arose than fell, as the Aelfs began to realize the wicked combat ahead.


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