Keep on Rotting in the Free World - April Bonus Objective Challenge...

Hey guys, I'm gunning for the bonus points this month! Here's what I'm aiming for:

Beastlord - £9.50
Bestigor - £25.50
10 Blood Reavers - £17.50 (Half of the 20)

Total -52.50

Already done the Beastlord, who represents Gygax if you've been following my fluff pieces -

Made a couple of modifications to the stock model, added an axe from the Blight King kit, and built up his belly a little finished with an Ogre belly plate! Just to hint to his Nurgle patronage really.
I tried to create a little fire using real wood scraps and green stuff balls to represent the coals - painted reds and oranges around these followed by an orange glaze, but not sure if this was very successful!
What I am happy with though is my first use of the Typhus Corrosion technical paint followed by Ryza Rust! Really need to hang back on adding too much to every model I own though! Less is more...

The Bestigor will be converted into Pestigor, the Bloodreavers into Nurgle Warriors! Lot of work for me to be getting on with in between other hobbies, 40k renegades and a newborn baby!


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