The Battle of Viridis: Fyreslayers V Dark Aelves V Stormcast/Empire

The Battle of Viridis

Sitting in a deep valley far south of Mount Fang, the ruined city of Viridis, this area remained almost untouched from the frozen tundra of Mount Fang. Now an abandoned city, its inhabitants had been driven away because of unknown circumstances. Legend has it that beneath the lush, green surface was hundreds of complex tunnels leading to chambers filled with vast amounts of Ur-Gold, and it was the menacing magical effects of this Ur-Gold that drove its previous inhabitants away with madness. It was this same lure that drew the Fyreslayers of Lofnir Lodge in, however they were not the only ones...

A battalion of Stormcast Eternals and Empire had too felt the lure of the Ur-Gold and approached Viridis to claim it for their own.

Also lured in by the dreams of Ur-Gold, the Dark Aelves made their way forth to try stake their claim for the wealth.

Once the Dark Aelves and Stormcast and Empire alliance realised the other were in the vicinity, they charged towards each other, clearly roused by an earlier confrontation.

As the Fyreslayers approached the awaiting Dark Aelves, they were spotted and stood firm awaiting the charge.

The Demigryph Knights faced a tough onslaught being attacked by the Kharibdyss and the Witch Aelves. 

The Doomfire Warlocks, obviously possessed by some magical force as they were riderless, charged towards the Grimwrath Bezerker. The Hearthguard Bezerkers nearby him rushed forth to support.

Suddenly, the Doomfire Warlocks found themselves surrounded on all flanks.

Meanwhile, the Runefather Ignis-Grimnir on Magmadroth marched forth and found himself facing a unit of Liberators. They were taken care of swiftly.

The Witch Aelves, believing the Kharibdyss could take care of itself turned around realising the Doomfire Warlocks were in trouble.

The Lord Celestant on Dracoth had arrived to deal with the Kharibdyss who had devoured its way through the Demigryph Knights.

Having axed their way through the Doomfire Warlocks, the Hearthguard Bezerkers found themselves being surrounded by Witch Aelves, although this was a feat easily dealt with by the Fyreslayers.

The Battlesmith, inspiring his brothers to fight, was targeted by the Stormcast Prosecutors. However, the Battlesmith managed to stand strong.

Appearing from underneath the ground to launch a surprise attack, the Vulkite Bezerkers and the Auric Runesmiter flanked the Empire from behind.

The Hearthguard Bezerkers and Grimwrath Bezerker were able to take care of the Dark Aelves comfortably. 

The Vulkite Bezerkers charged forth swinging their double axes from left to right. The Fyreslayer onslaught proved too much for the Stormcast and Empire alliance and the withering Dark Aelves, as both forces struggled to cope with the brute strength and determination of Lofnir Lodge. The lures of Ur-Gold inspiring the brothers of Grimnir making them stronger and angrier, the enemies decided it was too risky to carry on and both Dark Aelves and Stormcast/Empire retreated having realised they were now heavily outnumbered. Once again the Fyreslayers reign supreme, and their prize lay waiting.


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