April Bonus Objective

Hope everyone had a good March, I know mine was mega busy and I didn't get as much hobby in as I liked, but i did get to play a few games which was nice. One was for the campaign and featured 250SCGT points on each side.

The armies of Ghur are busy expanding their territories, some have expanded by writing up short stories which I have enjoyed reading, some 'ave expanded by playing games and writing up the battle report and some expanded by painting up new units and writing a short fluff piece to go along with them.

People are still keen which is great to see, and their armies are gaining real background and progress. Some have yet to get off the mark and some have had a lot less time and only posted 1 or 2 entries. But some have been able to get loads in and so well done to them!

Onto April! Time to paint some more models. A budget of £50 worth would be awesome and this would get you 70 points for the campaign, a budget of £25 would still be cool and get you 30 points. Remember.. Each painted Unit or Hero/Monster with fluff written gets you 25 points too so a chance for some big points this month up for grabs!

Are you up for the challenge?

If you would like to see the territory your army has gained so far then head over to http://www.theriseofempires.com and keep track of them on the map.

Happy March!


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