Clan Festerscar: The Alliance of the Twin Pox

Hey all!  Happy to be back as always!

Hope you all have been doing well!  This month I started with grandiose plans for painting up a YUUUGE amount of models - including Stormfiends, Skyre Warmachines, a handful of weapons teams, acolytes, warlock engineers, and so much more...

But as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I managed to get a whopping TWO weapons teams done painting wise as life has been kind of crazy lately.  I wrote up a couple of story blurbs to make up for the lack of progress with my brush. Hopefully next month will allow me more time to get paint on plastic.  I do know that the next few months will afford me plenty of opportunities to get games in as well.

So, lets get started with the arrival of Vermost Seep, messenger of the mighty Plaguemaster....


"Yes-yes, the master would be most pleased by these recent plot-plans!  Greatly rewarded will I be!  Maybe the leader of fool-creature Coruk's Illuminated, now that Plaguemaster has ordered him split on an open flame for the buzzard creatures to lay waste to for his failures."  Vermost Seep, one of the most vile emissaries of the Plaguemaster, scurried through the outer most layers of the tunnels near the Tribes of Chlorothrax.  He stopped and breathed quickly as he searched for his companion in the darkness of the tunnels.  He hopped that the creature - Largax - hadn't lost his scent in the slurry of musks within the Skaven burrows that stretched to the reaches of the Rot Brothers camps.

It had taken years of planning, and much cunning on the part of his great master Malkk to create such a scheme.  Ensuring that the great old tree-thing in the forest was properly fed with the decaying remains of those slain by the Redmaw Plague (one of the Thirteen Great Plagues that has been discovered), it was allowed to mature into some form of gate.  Vermost shook his head.  These thoughts that dwelled in his mind made it hard for him to concentrate on the plans his master had told him.  Speaking of such plans...

There he was.  The lumbering creature came around the corner into view, massive nostrils flaring under the strain that Vermost was putting the creature through.  "Rat man!  Slow down, Largax not fast like small creature."  Vermost chittered under a puss covered paw.  "Brute must come quick-fast if he wants to work with the master!  Scurry-hurry!  We have many leagues to cover yet, Doom Creature!  My master expects you to be at his domain before the next Plague-moon rises!"

Largax shook his head violently, driving a hoof into the soft floor violently.  "Rat Man! My masters demand my return with mark of Malkk.  Prove to them that Malkk want Alliance!"

If only they knew the lengths that Malkk had gone to in order to create such an alliance, the Doom Bull would be sent into a stupor.  Vermost Seep chittered again.  Yes, the Alliance of the Twin Pox would be a grand warhost indeed.  The master's plan would be enacted - this creature in tow would return with such a mark.  Vermost swelled with anticipation as he scratched at his sores violently.  "Quick-quick!  We must leave the borrows here to the surface next to your clan.  We must travel the tunnelways past the foul clans of the Mkrytus and the Clans Stabash - pawns in the great game of Malkk!  The tunnels must be crossed!"  

With a snort of discontent, Largax stomped after the quickly disappearing shape of Vermost, the Furred Emissary of Malkk....


The Poisoned Wind mortar crewed by Feltch and Gritstail is one of the most notorious in the entire network of tunnels controlled by Malkk and the Festerscar clan.  Originally purchased from the Stabash Clan, the Poisoned Wind Mortar is renown throughout the tunnels to leave its operators as little more than red stains on whatever patch of dirt they stand on.  With a record 39 killed operators in the past 17 months of the plague moons, it takes a certain level of stupidity to assume the mantle of this mortar.  Enter Feltch and Gritstail.

If the Poison Wind Mortar from Stabash is legendary for its faults, then the Warpflamethrower of Malus Ignis-claw and Böse Redspine is known for being one of the most deadly weapons of the Fire-Stokers under Plaguemaster Malkk's Skyre contingent. The team became a mythic pair when they were the lone survivors of a Mourngoul attack on their congregation that they were raiding with.  Legend tells that the congregation was attacked near the Wyrd Steel Numinous Occulum to the north of the Festerscar Tunnels by an army under the command of the Vampire Lord Sergei Von Radimir.  The two armies clashed and the fell horns of the deathwalkers met with the shrill cries of the Plague touched of Clan Festerscar.  The great Mourngoul came leaping through the lines of the congregation, only to meet the steadfast aim of the two Flaming Warriors of the Congregation.  They have since been given the honor of being the first to light all boiling flames for the great poxes that Malkk brews deep within the tunnels - something reserved only for the most loyal of servants...


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