Keep on Rotting in the Free World - April Challenge Complete!

Hey guys, managed to get through this by the skin of my teeth...

First up we have the Beastlord Gygax -

Really happy with this guy, aside from the terrible attempted fire on his base! Any tips on improving that? This is the first time I'd used the combo of Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust, I may have gone a little overboard on it... Also happy with the green gauntlet, heavily washed so as to hint at magical properties.

Next up we have Gygax's retinue of Best/Pestigor -

Not exactly happy with the green stuffed masks or paint job on these, they coincided with the birth of my baby so wasn't exactly in the right frame of mind. I intend to redo the masks as well as green stuff a little detail onto the banner, similar to how I've done in the next unit...

Finally we have a unit of Chaos Warriors. These guys are obviously converted from the Khorne Bloodreavers. Great models, I particularly like the helmets and weapons on them, and how they visually tie in with my Chaos Lord (pictured below for reference).

I removed any Khorne symbols, replacing some with my Nurgle symbol. Then when painting, I added more Nurgle elements, including green clothes, Rust, Nurgle's Rot and some blood for good measure. I've got another ten of these guys that I'll hopefully convert a little more thoroughly, maybe even using them as chosen?

Here's the price breakdown for the monthly challenge -

Beastlord - £9.50
Bestigor - £25.50
10 Blood Reavers - £17.50 (Half of the 20)

Total -52.50

My next post will be a narrative post on Cholothrax's very own Path to Glory...


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