Tales of Oxoloth: Battle of Skull Pass - Battle Report #1

Aelf Wanderers Vs Chaos Alliance - War of Storms Battleplan

“We have reached the outskirts of a canyon, it is bitterly cold this far North and many a strange beast roam the jungles. The canyon is narrow and lined with skulls, a shrine to the dark gods perhaps. My band of brethren follow me when I know deep down they shouldn't, they fight beside me and I am grateful of their aid. 

We have yet to find any other traces of our kin all be it scattered bones which look like they have been around for centuries. We have spent the last 100 years or so in the jungles which crashed into the main land some 200 years ago. The lands shift quickly in this Realm. We have encountered new species and found lizard looking men riding large reptilian creatures scattered and in abundance in the forests and desert plains. We posed no threat to them and mostly we were unseen by them.

The nights draw in quicker this far North and we barely get but an hour of dim daylight, the twilight is lit up by strange blue and red glows. strange feelings absorb us as we wander through the canyon, lightening storms get stronger and wildlife sounds grow more silent. What are we wandering into, this magical place is tainted by Chaos. 

Suddenly a loud scream came from the distance and crude arrows poured down from the sky, we crouched for cover and then the sound came. A sound we have never heard before, the sound of death and destruction itself. I looked upon the valley to see a huge bulk of a bull headed monster standing there holding a great axe in both hands. His skin reflected light as if made of metal substance be it copper or brass. Around him stood goat headed beasts clad in rusted armour and smaller demon headed creatures wielding short bows. I know these goat species from our battles in the land of the Ogors to the West, but the bull headed one is a new kind of evil. The sky and thunder closed in and above our heads a battle was beginning between blue and red energies. There is now nowhere to hide, we must push on through this enemy, I feel the force of the dark energy pushing us back, but something in the sky is aiding us , helping us move on. We must push through! ”

Oxoloth the Wanderer – AS 845

Battle Round #1

The goat headed men poured forward, we bided our time, our arrows rained upon them, each lit up by a magical blue light. But they did not drop so easy. They were quick, quicker than even our own nimble kind, still we held knowing our shots would bring them down easier than our blades would. The storm over head seemed to be in our favour, the winds pushed hard against the beasts. 

In the distance I saw an evil smile lurk in the shadows. The laugh chilled my bones like a memory of death itself, I knew it from before. Suddenly it dawned on me.. Belakor! He had returned to seek revenge, I shall show him no mercy this time. 

Battle Round #2

My waywatchers to my right were hit first by half horse, half men, goat headed monsters; they held their ground and I sent forth a glade to aid them. But before they could even think of moving out, the bull head brought doom and darkness crashing into the ranks along with a Khorgorath, they sliced the unit in half and were bought to their knees.

We hit back, but the brass body of this monstrosity was impenetrable.

Battle Round #3

There was no choice but to flee, we scattered into the terrain knowing our stealth may save us and from this distance we could unleash hell and send these creatures from whence forth they came. 

We each carry with us one arcane arrow for moments that call upon a harder hitting force. That time was now. The beast was not invincible, in the fray, I noticed a small amount of flesh not clad in brass hanging beneath his chin, I gave the word to aim for this. The arrows flew far and true and most found target on the Doombull, he cried out in agony and sunk down to his knees, he fell to his side and his last breathe uttered a prayer to his gods.

The storm above grew stronger and we all felt ensorcelled. Something or someone wanted us to succeed.  

Battle Round #4

As one beast lay dead amongst the fire, the laugh returned, followed by howls of nightmares. I looked upon the plains and into the far scrubs to see the daemon rising from the trees. His eyes firmly set on the unit of waywatcher kin. We did not have time to aid them however as a horde of beasts carrying two handed axes bore upon us.

Battle Round #5

My glade sent forth arrows to destroy the Khorgorath, whilst the beasts crashed into them with a sickening thud. I concentrated my fire upon Belakor who killed every one of my kin, but to no avail. The storm over head was nearly all in our favour bar a few red energy outbursts, but on the ground our kind were not fairing well.

Battle Round #6

Within a flash, the daemon came upon me, his laughter had turned to screams, his blade came down and sliced through but I evaded, I was badly wounded and knew I could not fight this beast today, another day I shall have my revenge. I escaped his clutches and called for my kin to join me. We made it through the Pass and into the forests beyond. 

“I ran long and hard, heading East and into the land of Minos. There is a chill in the air here. We wandered for days across the plains and through the forests. The beasts here were larger and more tainted by the touch of Chaos, more mutated and foul.

From here we headed South, the sun grew brighter and warmer each day. I have encountered a small settlement of men in town called Rharly, they have formed a resistance to combat a war band of beasts to the West, they claim that these beasts are shape shifters practising the dark magic of Tzeentch. Perhaps we shall meet these foe, perhaps Belakor resides here, perhaps I shall have my revenge.”


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