Clan Mkrytus - Origins

Deep in the Warren vaults of clan Mkrytus, on Orruks hide parchment is written in the archaic runes of the Warren that was, is the true history of the clan. 

In the final days of the Warren that was they had been a verminous crusade, a tenuous alliance of 3 clans, Moulder, Skryre and Rictus held together only with the bribes and threats of the greatest of Grey Seer's, ever to lead the Skaven. The great horned rats own Messiah, herald of Skaven victory. Waging the final war across the surface Old Warren.

When the warp smoke cleared the clans and grey seer acolytes. Found themselves in a massive crater thrown up by the ritual. A crater that would become their new Warren. Bastion Quol. Of the Messiah and Vermin lords there was no sign. But prophecy claims they will return, but in their absents the clan lords began bicker, over supreme leadership.

As the lords debated over leadership of the new clan, another foe approached the smoking crater curiously, a band of Orruks and grots saved by their own combined Green Will had been brought to the promised land, a land of beast hunts and battles. Pouring down into the crater they took the Skaven unaware driving deep in to the council, slaying the Skaven lords, leaderless the Skaven should have broken and fled.

But their was no where to go, and cornered rats fight all the harder, a few lieutenants of the clans that day threw aside their animosities and worked together using the combined might of all clans to repel the green skins. From that beginning was a new clan formed. Clan Mkrytus.


  1. I love the warlord on the platform, very skaven.

  2. Yeah the Warlord is great, reminds of dwarven shieldbearers! Also love how you've given the End Times fluff from a Skaven's perspective! Very evocative!


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