Clan Mkrytus - Expanding terrority

Generations have passed since the Messiah preformed the great Ritual, that saved Clan Mkrytus, from the destruction of the Warren that was. 
The Great crater, thrown up by their arrival has been fortified, sniper towers rise from the crater rim. Weapon emplacmect set into the wall point in all directions. The gargantuan gates seal the one highway to the Surface fortress. 
Green tinged smoke drifts up out the the basin. But only a single tower is obvious in the center of the bowl, the rest is a rat maze of trench's and walkways that twist and turn inside the fortified wall.
The true hub of Clan Mkrytus happens below ground, warrens, dens, large common causeways and thousands of tight tunnels all inter connect the Skaven under city.
Inside the Clan council campers the lords meet to discuss the clan needs.
"Put simply, we have exhausted-used the metal under the bastion, and no matter how much deeper we dig-tunnel we are not finding the one we need." The Arch warlocks metallic voice rings out.
Grey Seer answers, "Very well i am convinced, we must look-sniff to the mountain's the west as the honoured warlock suggests-says."
"Agreed," pipes in the flesh-former lord, "I will send an Abomination to accompany the scouts, many beasts lurk in the mountains. Maybe we could capture more of this lands more exotic mountain beasts."

Set up
Led by rumours of a massive rat monster in the area. Dragon slayer Dwal and his shamed engineer companion Malik, head out of the stronghold to hunt it. Malik wants to test out his experimental war machine, he calls it Goblinhewer (counts as organ gun). Following them, comes 10 troll slayers and leading them are 10 rangers (quallers).

Warlord Shred'claw was tasked with the above ground scouting of the mountain region, the monsterous Abomination had been assigned to him. So when he heard of the slayer Dwarfs scouring the area, he was gleeful to set an ambush so he could see the abomination in action. Gathering his body guard of 10 stormvermin, he commanded his 10 nightrunners hide in the woods. The packmaster he ordered to prod the Abomination cross the field to be bait.

Slayers spot the monster and set up their war machine on the hill.


Whilst the Dwarfs are distracted the Nightrunners slink forward.

Turn 1 Dwarf

Seeing the Ambush the Dwarfs hold the high ground. Quarrellers shoot several night runners. Goblinhewer is set to full strength but fails to fine even with engineer Malik assistance it does not work.

Turn 1 Skaven

Goaded into battle the Abomination slams into the troll slayers. Nightrunners attack the quarrellers.

The giant rat monster bites, flails and stomps all of the troll slayers to death, they do not go quietly though as 5 death blows wound the monster.

Enraged at the death of his kindred slayers, the Dragon slayer piles into the monster.

And kills it in short order!

Turn 2 Skaven

Seizing the initiative, the skaven converge on the quaellers. While the warlord scurry-climbs the back of the hill to attack the dwarf war machine.

Warlord shred'claw kills 2 of the war machine crew. Stormvermin gnash and gnaw 6 quallers down, 5 skaven die in return. Dwarven rangers hold the high ground and are inspired, so no more flee from the rat assault.

Turn 2 Dwarf
Dragon Slayer D'wal conter-charges the skaven warlord. Goblin hewer is reset to full power and inspite the gentle adjustment with hammers fails to fire again!

Stormvermin continue to hack at the rangers, but using the cover to it's full advantage one plucky ranger survives a little longer.

Warlord and Dragon slayer exchange wounds but both live to fight a little longer.

Turn 3 Dwarf

Warlord Shred'claw plunged his blade into the slayers chest and watched snuggly as his weapons magics devoured the dwarf.

But D'wal the Abomination Slayer wasn't dead yet, with the last act he lashed out and severed the grinning rat man's head from it's furry body.

Setting Goblin-hewer to half power the contraption finally work eviscerating 4 vermin.

Turn 3 Skaven

What's left of the Skaven make a last ditch attempt to wipe out the dwarf Engineer and his war machine.

The 2 remaining Stormvermin attack the last crewman. 3 nightrunners and the pack master gang up on the dwarven slayer engineer.

But dwarfs are made of stone and take no casualties. The Crew man kills a stormvermin. And the engineer kills 2 nightrunners, the last remaining one flees.

Turn 4 Skaven 

The last stormvermin is slain by the war machine crew member. Packmaster and engineer fight but no wounds are exchanged.

Turn 4 Dwarfs

Finally free the last crewman turns goblinhewer around clocks it to half speed and unleashes the payload on the last rat man on the hill.

"Ha we'll call it skaven hewer from now on!" Said Malik.

 Lord Deathmaster of Clan Mkrytus's had spies every where it is whispered amongst the Clanrats, nothing happens without a little rat whispering it to him. And thredelicate expansion of territory was of keen interest to him, so unsurprisingly after the failed ambush he was the first to be able to report it to the rest of the council. 
"The ancient enemy must has a hold-nest in the mountains somewhere." Lord grey seer said.
"Indeed," whispered the deathmaster, "we should go-proceed cautiously, until we find where it is."
Arch warlock interrupts, "They have not discovered the tunneling teams yet. I will have them lower their dig speed and increase the echo soundings checks. But many rich ore veins have already been found. With the councils approval I'd like to start the subterranean extraction of the veins we have found."
General nods and agreeable squeeks around the table. "Proceed Arch warlock, Death master might I suggest a collaboration of our scouts and the tunnellers. Find this duardin hold-nest." Inquires the flesh-former lord.


  1. Nice, the battle between the Dragon Slayer and Skaven Warlord sounded good, is that an ability the Dragon Slayer has to keep attacking after being killed?


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