The Oak of Ages: The Wanderers of Ghur

The Oak of Ages: The Wanderers of Ghur

“For an age, I was alone. The only one of my kind, I felt the deep sadness that I could spent the rest of my long life here with company from my kind. For an age I sounded the horn in the ever hope that it would be answered, then a sound came from wilderness in answer. 

My brethren had heard and came to my aid. Together we shall build our home in this Realm, together we shall defend our lands from the foul of Chaos and stench of Death, together shall prosper.”

Lord Silvan, King of the Woods – AS 1023

Oxoloth the Wanderer.

Oxoloth wandered these lands long before the arrival of Silvan; she had a tribe of waywatchers devote to her side. They searched for many years trying to find their kin. They knew of the Oak of Ages and hoped one day the air would be thick with the sound of Aelf horns and songs. Then the sound of the horn came. Only a Glade Lord can produce the sweet sounds from that instrument, echoing through the realm of magical winds of Ghur. She answered and made her way to the call. Oxoloth arrived before Ariela and helped the Glade Lord re build the Aelf way of life. They exchanged stories eagerly and learned many things. Oxoloth told of the different races that inhabit the lands. The nightwalkers to the north, the Bretonni to the southeast, the tree people to the east, the kingdom of men to the west and Ogor beyond.


Devoted followers of Oxoloth, they can cross the lands of Ghur with great ease. When they first arrived or awoke in the lands of Ghur they came across other races and joined a band for survival, the way of the waywatcher meant this could not last, they do not share their ways with any but the Aelf race and so many left, leaving a few to stay. They found Oxoloth upon a mountain, badly injured from a fight with a beast of massive proportion. They knew she was a mighty lord with her appearance and rejoiced at the sight of another of their kin.


  1. Really great background there, very Tolkien I thought!

    1. Hi Beasts of Nurgle!

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  2. I love the idea of the wandering Elves searching for their own kind.


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