From Beyond The Mountain They Came

From beyond the mountain they came. Reinforcements of Fyreslayers to aid their brothers of Lofnir Lodge; the terrifying Vulkite Bezerkers, the furious Grimwrath Bezerker and the ever faithful priest of the Lodge, the Auric Runemaster.

The brave and crazed Vulkite Bezerkers never give up, fighting anything that stands in their way, for the spirit of Grimnir burns endlessly in their souls.

No other warrior is as terrifying as the deadly Grimwrath Bezerker, Ira-Grimnir. Passion for Ur-Gold burns throughout his entire body, he is the closest embodiment to their god Grimnir and his exceptional strength is testament to this.

The faithful high priest of Lofnir Lodge is the Auric Runemaster, Sanctus-Grimnir. Ever faithful and dedicated to his god, Sanctus-Grimnir's power is harnessed by a close connection to the spirit of their holy god, Grimnir. Sanctus-Grimnir is the oldest and wisest of Lofnir Lodge highly regarded by all who honour him.


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