The Sacking of the Shrine of Dawn.

The Sacking of the Shrine of Dawn.

The courtyard was littered with the remains of battle. Bits of undead constructs and human remains, in a tangled mass. The priests at this shrine had put up a valiant fight, despite the futility of it all.

Sounds of fighting echoed from within the shrine itself, clash of steel on steel.
Steel? The priests only used staffs as weapons, so why the sound of steel?
The answer came in the form of 4 heavily armored men, striding from the splintered shrine door. Clad in shiny full plate, tabards emblazoned with the sigil of Sigmar.

Celine hissed, Knights of Sigmars Radience. Why were they here.
No matter, they would not stop her.
She turned as a huge shadow feel over her. Her two morghast bodyguards interposed themselves between her and the danger.
"Kill them, but leave the leader to me" she purred.
The knights gave a battlecry and charged, their steel boots pounding on the flagstones, crushing bones and splintering skulls as they ran. The Morghasts calmly stood and waited.

The impact of the charge shook the small courtyard, as the knights struck.
A futile effort...
In a matter of heartbeats the Morghasts had carved 3 of the knights into pieces and flaked the noble leader.
His helmet had been knocked off in ths fighting, revealing a handsome face and golden hair.

Celine stalked forward, her dress parting to reveal slender leg and sharp armor.
He mer her defiantly, resolved to die in glory to his god.
Her gaze found his eyes, as she glided near to him.
"Now, now my valiant knight, such a display of bravery. I would have blushed if i could"
Her sensual smile revealing her elongated canines.

"Begone foul creature, your tricks have no hold over... over... ". His sword clattered to the ground, followed shortly by his shield.
She stood within an inch of him, his wide eyes never leaving hers.
"Such a handsome man, such a glorious body. Such a waste"
Her features changed in an instant. Gone where here beauty, replaced by a savage fury, as her fangs dug into his neck...
She tossed his drained corpse aside, as if it was nothing, the vitality of his blood rushing through her veins.

"Now to find this tomb i have heard so much about..."


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