The Oak of Ages: Ariela Spellweaver

"We entered the Realm portal only seconds apart. but arrived in Ghur 1000's of years apart. She has entered this Realm to aid me in my quest to help find our kin throughout the many Realms and worlds. Ariela was a direct hand maiden to the ever queen, powerful beyond my mental capabilities. I saw the flash from the Great Oak to the East and rushed to her aid, when we arrived the gate was swarmed with Nurgle kind, rotten to core, we fought through the thick stench but soon found we was hacking through branches and thick weed. In the centre we found her, radiant with beauty, passed out on the ground. She awoke and rose, never speaking a word, just smiling and looking upon the lands with a curious grin upon her face. 

Never the less, her magic will help in the search for the aelfs lost in this Realm, her vision of the future will be invaluable."

Lord Silvan, King of the Woods – AS 2011

Ariela – Spellweaver.

Those who look directly upon her will sprout leaves and branches and be consumed by the lands. Ariela was sent to aid Silvan in the search for other Aelfs within the Mortal Realms. Her own agenda was secret to only her. She aims to control a Realm for herself, massively jealous of the goddess of life; she wants it all for herself. She followed through the gate second after Silvan and immediately heard the horn blow. She found the land to be to her liking, untamed and wild, waiting for a touch of life. 

I have arrived, after my travel from Ghyran, I have been sent to aid the aelf wanderers in finding more of our kind. This land is untainted for the most, I was ambushed on arrival by a group of Nurgle corruption, but overcome them. I feel empowered here, like a energy riding through my veins. This place could be mine.. I feel no other presence that overrides my power. If the Everqueen can ride through mortal life and come out a goddess, perhaps I can too. For now I will help my kin, perhaps in time they will bow to me..

Ariela – AS 2011


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