The Ash Knights

                      Standing at the large fountain located in the inner chamber of Tashghoul, Petra stared longingly, into the deep dark blood that calmly rested in the fountain. He thought back to his childhood, and running around the chamber, oblivious to the tumultuous times his people suffered. He quickly shrugged off the memories, " the correct decision was made" he thought aloud.
    Petra grabbed his battleaxe that was resting at his feet, now glaring forward into the ranks of his Ash Knights that had gathered behind him. "We must spill blood on this day, Khorne demands it."
the ash knights followed behind the great priest, wordless as usual, for Khorne demands blood, not words.

The Ash Knights

              Although once great, and noble soldiers, the Ash Knights are now an instrument of war and war alone. Ash knights generally form units of ten men, although will often form smaller groups for raids and scouting, and a group of twenty or more has been recorded. To become an Ash knights, one must fulfill several requirements, requirements that unfortunately claim the lives of many before they are done. First a man must prove himself in combat, the would be knights travel sometimes for years challenging all in their path and selling their services to an army that will let them fight. After they have slain all before them and proven to be a soldier without equal they move to the second step, to prove loyalty to the Ashkin brotherhood.

     The would be knights, to prove loyalty, must serve directly under a Slaughterpriest, following his every whim. The Priest will watchover as the knights swear an oath of silence.A slaughterpriest will take on, eight would be knights at a time, and once he has been appeased he has a final command. Each of the men fighting for knighthood must prove they are the best, they must slay all the competitors. After hours of bloody combat, only one may stand among the gore, and move to the final task.

     The champion, still covered in blood and gore must go to his final task, he must prove to ashkin and Khorne he is a true champion and holds no other as equal aside from his new brothers. The champion must slay his entire family in their home, setting corpses and house on fire, and must set inside the blaze until only ashes remain. Many champions are claimed by the flames as Khorne sees them as unworthy, but the few who survive, climb from the ground changed men. Where once was skin is scabs, and hardened ash, where once was a man stands only an instrument of Khorne, where once was a soul, now only blackness.

     "The Ash knights as they call themselves.... brutal things, they never make a sound, even as they tear flesh apart. The sound of my allies bones being broken by axe and sword haunts me still"
                       - An unfortunate soul to face the knights in battle


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