Keep on Rotting in the Free World - Set Upon by Orcs!

Cholothrax was first aware of the Orcs' presence on their first night's camp within the forest. He sensed a new species of Rot moulding into the earth as the Orcs created their waste from the spoils of pillaging a nearby town.
Ordering the warband to converge on the Orc's camp, Cholothrax's first thought was to parley with them, to tempt them into carrying out their particular kind of waste in the name of Nurgle and the Rot Tree. However, as the warband approached their camp, they were immediately set upon by the Orcs.
The Orcs quickly created a blockade to cut off the Rotbringers from their glade, Cholothrax was loath to let this happen as he would soon lose his grip on the warband as his power was derived from the Rot Tree itself.
Cholothrax soon sensed a powerful presence within the Orc ranks, and dispatched his personal vanguard along with a gaggle of Plaguebearers he had managed to summon.
In the centre he commanded the most powerful of his warband, the Blight Kings, to engage what he perceived to be the epicenter of the enemy forces, a large group of Black Orcs. These proved a persistent and difficult to dispatch enemy.
On the right flank, Cholothrax sent a small group of his Plague Ogres and their attendant Nurglings, their orders to break through the ranks of the Orcs to get word to the rest of the warband.
Cholothrax himself held back surveying the battle, only committing himself to a course of action when  needed. Throughout most of the conflict, he supported various regiments with his mystic shield, only committing to physical violence when the enemy general presented his rear, expertly using an arcane bolt to execute him. He then moved on to support the remaining Plaguebearers in assaulting the Giant.
As the opportunity to retreat to the glade was becoming ever more unlikely, Cholothrax, after bringing the Giant to it's knees, fled the battle back to the safety of the Rot Tree, following the remnants of his Blight Kings, Plague Ogres and Nurglings, ready to lead the assault on the remaining Orc forces in the forest.


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